Cricket World Cup and its Influence on Global cricketing Landscape!

world cup

Cricket World Cup has certainly played a great role in inspiring other people to pick up the cricket bat. It was the 1983 Cricket World Cup, that inspired Sachin Tendulkar to become a cricketer. That means if India had not won the world cup in 1983, then we might never have heard the name of Sachin Tendulkar. That is the importance of Cricket World Cup.

Tournaments that Influence Global Cricketing Landscape

 There are several tournaments through which cricket is able to expand its landscape on a global scale. No doubt the world cup is certainly the biggest tournament among those, but several other cricket events are playing a big role.

 Cricket World Cup

 The cricket world cup is certainly the biggest event of cricket. It happens in one of the cricket-playing nations. In 2007, a different form of World Cup got introduced to the world, and that was T20 cricket. It certainly was more exciting for many cricket fans. It helped in promoting cricket in those countries where shorter lengths or sports were liked. There is no doubt that T20 cricket certainly has helped cricket get more popular. That is the reason we see more audience in T20 cricket than anywhere else.

Indian Premiere League

 Indian Premiere League started in 2008, and at that time, nobody thought about the impact it’ll be creating on the world of cricket. Not only do the Indian players dream of playing in the IPL, but even the foreign players are very keen on making their career in the IPL.

Cricket all stars series

 This is a unique tournament that recently got initiated. In this event, retired players participate and compete with each other for the promotion of cricket. In 2015, it was played in the USA in a baseball stadium. The Cricket pitch was installed in the stadium with the help of a helicopter. The match happened between the team of Sachin Tendulkar and Shane Warne. In the end, Shane Warne’s team went on to win the series. But there is no doubt that it was cricket that won the hearts of the people.

So, it is clear from the above-given information that it is not only the world cup that is playing a key role in promoting cricket. But there are also other tournaments that are doing a phenomenal job to spread cricket in different directions around the globe. One of the best suggestions to spread cricket enthusiasm is to organize the cricket world cup in a non-cricketing nation. What are your suggestions?