India-New Zealand game will resume tomorrow. What will happen?


The India-New Zealand game was hit by rain again. The league stage game between the two was also washed out and it is only after 16 years the two teams are playing against each other.

New Zealand won the toss and chose to bat first. They were on 211/5 in 46.1 overs when the rain started to pour and it is only getting heavier.

There was hope that the game shall start today, even if it is a 20-over game as the efforts were strong in that direction, but with rain gods not relenting, the game has been pushed to tomorrow, which is the official reserve day for the game.

The match will resume from where it was stopped today and not be restarted. New Zealand would hope they can get some quick runs in the remaining over and make the most of overcast conditions tomorrow, if they may exist to tumble the Indian top-order, which the team has been most reliant on.

Despite the Match Referee using the extra hour at his disposal to try and finish the game today, the conditions didn’t permit and it being a semi-final of the biggest tournament in the sport of cricket, no one wanted to take any risks of potential injuries.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is:

3.00pm: 12% Rain

5.00pm: 24% Rain

7.00pm: 24% Rain

9.00pm: 17% Rain

The forecast seems better and we hope for a full game to go ahead without interruptions.

The match will begin at regular time- 15:00 IST where New Zealand will come out to bat the remaining overs before India take field in pursuit of the chase

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