CONCACAF Gold Cup: History, Facts, and Upcoming Matches

CONCACAF Gold Cup – history, facts and upcoming matches

The top teams in North America, Central America, and the Caribbean compete for continental supremacy. The CONCACAF Gold Cup is the main football competition held at a regular interval of two years in the United States.

CONCACAF Gold Cup – history, facts and upcoming matches

The word “CONCACAF” stands for Confederation of North Central America and Caribbean association football. There are 24 teams in the CONCACAF Champion’s League, nine teams from North America, and twelve teams from Central America and three from the Caribbean. The first round of the games takes place from August to October. The 24 teams are divided into eight groups of three teams. The winner of each group advances to a knockout round from March to May.

Before the tournament of 2015, CONCACAF did not fall in the same year of FIFA cup. At those times the highest placed team in both the FIFA and CONCACAF qualifiers for the next staging but now the system has completely changed. Now, the winners of two consecutive tournaments of CONCACAF battles with each other to find a spot in FIFA federation cup, the first such face-off was played in 2015 between the winning teams of 2013 and 2015 tournaments. If a single team wins two consecutive tournaments then the team get qualifies to reach in FIFA federation cup.

Some Facts about CONCACAF Gold Cup


Here is a list of some wonderful and amazing facts about CONCACAF gold cup:

  • Mexico is the most successful team in CONCACAF gold cup as the team wins the tournament seven times since 1991, the United States is successful in getting the winner title five times, however, Canada has claimed only one tournament.
  • The largest margin was created in 2009 when Mexico downed the US by 5-0 in New Jersey, East Rutherford. The second-largest margin was created by Tricolor who defeats the United States by 4-0 in 1993.
  • The most number of goals ever scored in all tournaments occurred in 2011. In this match, Mexico outdistanced the United States in a much thrilling victory by 4-2.
  • CONCACAF has been formed by merging two federations (NAFC and CCCF) results in the single championship being held for the continent.
  • There were only two head coaches to win the CONCACAF gold cup and those are Bora Milutinovic and Bruce Arena. Bora Milutinovic is the only one which has created this history with different teams. The teams were U.S. (1991) and Mexico (1996).
  • Luis Roberto Alves is the most goals scored player who creates history by scoring 11 goals for Mexico in 1993.
  • In 1996, the tournament welcomes first guest team and that team was Brazil.
  • There were also six guests teams (other than CONCACAF) making total 11 appearances. The teams were Brazil, South Africa, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and the Korea Republic.
  • Teams with appearances
  • Brazil appearances – 3, Ecuador – 1, Peru – 1, Columbia – 3, Korea Republic – 2 and South Africa – 1
  • In three tournaments, guest teams were managed reach in finals of CONCACAF gold cup but unfortunately, no guest team had ever secured the titles of the gold cup. In these tournament finals, Mexico defeats Brazil in 1996 and 2003 and Canada defeats Columbia in 2000.
  • The most interesting fact about CONCACAF gold cup is that Mexico and the United States have featured in all finals of gold cup expect the tournament held in 2000 in which Canada and Columbia reach at Finals and Canada defeats Columbia by 2 – 0.
  • The most amazing and memorable victory in CONCACAF gold cup was in 1993 tournament. In this tournament, Mexico wins by 9-0 at Azteca Stadium. In this match, Alves created a record to make seven goals out of those 9 goals.
  • Jamaica has become the first Caribbean side which had reached a Gold cup final in 2015.



CONCACAF was founded in 1961 by merging two main bodies, CCCF (Consists Central America and Most of the Caribbean) and NAFC (Consists North American nations of United States, Canada, Mexico, and Cuba) results in a single championship. The first tournament of CONCACAF was held in 1963.

CONCACAF Gold cup (Since 1991)

In 1990, the CONCACAF ends CONCACAF championship and named it as CONCACAF gold cup. The hosting teams win the first inaugural tournament of 1991 and that was the United States. After this, Mexico wins three consecutive tournaments and gets gold titles of 1993, 1996 and 1998. From 1996 to 2000, the numbers of the team were increased to 12 and in 2019 tournament the number of teams has increased to 16 teams.

Here is a table which includes the further tournament winners.

Year Hosts Winners
1991 United StatesUnited States
1993United States, MexicoMexico
1996United StatesMexico
1998United StatesMexico
2000United StatesCanada
2002United StatesUnited States
2003United States, MexicoMexico
2005United StatesUnited States
2007United StatesUnited States
2009United StatesMexico
2011United StatesMexico
2013United StatesUnited States
2015United States, CanadaMexico
2017United StatesUnited States
2019United States, TBDMexico

Upcoming CONCACAF Tournament

CONCACAF Tournament

The upcoming CONCACAF tournament will be held in 2021 which will be the 17th edition of CONCACAF gold cup.

Tournament details:

  • Host Country: United States, Costa Rica, Jamaica
  • Number of Teams: 16
  • Dates: 2-25 July
  • Number of venues: 15

The winner of the tournament will play against the winner of 2019 CONCACAF gold cup to get a qualifier for 2021 FIFA confederation cup. The winner of 2019 CONCACAF gold cup was Mexico thus the winning team of 2021 CONCACAF gold cup battle against the Mexico to secure a spot for 2021 FIFA confederation cup. If Mexico wins 2021 tournaments then it automatically qualifies as being titleholder of both 2019 and 2021. This tournament will be really very interesting to watch.

CONCACAF had announced that in 2021 gold cup, 16 teams will take part, however before this tournament 12 teams were playing to win the titles. The announcement had done in February 2018.

CONCACAF had made another announcement in May 2018 and confirmed the venue of the matches. The 2019 tournament will be held in the Caribbean and Central America. CONCACAF has announced 15 venues in the United States which will host this upcoming tournament.

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