BGMI may be back by March says Scout

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Its been more than four months since Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology blocked the game Battlegrounds Mobile India, and it later got removed from both app store and play store. Although the servers are still online and are able to play the game regularly.

BGMI was a title that united the entire nation of India. Every single day players would either load up the game or watch their favourite streamers dominate in the game. It was also a title that really boosted the Indian gaming industry. Since the game has been banned in the country, many people experience a void in their daily lives. All they can do is ask about the game’s eventual return.

Few weeks ago, many influencers claimed that the game will be back by December or January, however we cannot rely on these rumours as there is no single announcement from Official handles.

In a recent meet krafton has announced that its continuing its efforts to resume services for Battlegrounds Mobile India and will continue investing in Indian market.

Recently famous tech youtuber Technical Guruji in a video said that “This news (unban date) is my favourite one for today as we have all been waiting for Battlegrounds Mobile India’s return for a long time, and finally, we have a date. BGMI might make a comeback by the end of 2022 in a fresh avatar.”

On November 30, popular BGMI player  Tanmay “Scout” Singh livestreamed Call of Duty: Warzone II on his YouTube channel. During the 13-minute mark of his latest livestream, Scout addressed his audience regarding Battlegrounds Mobile India’s comeback.

Scout talked about how there are no official updates on the matter and revealed that according to various sources in the Indian gaming community, the title might make its comeback in the virtual stores of Apple and Google by the end of January or the start of February 2023.

 Spero, a caster said in his stream that “The talks around the game’s return are going as many expect the comeback to happen after December. I am also on that boat. I think BGMI isn’t going to return before December. Any news will arrive in December or after that, so let’s see what happens.”

Scout urged his fans to remain calm until the game made its comeback. He added that if the game fails to return within the timeframe mentioned above, it might hit virtual stores in March next year.

“There is no such update regarding BGMI. However, as far as I have heard from sources, the game might make its comeback by the end of January or the start of February next year. If not, then I believe it should be back by March. That’s what I feel. Nothing more than that.”

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