New State Mobile: The Next Boom in India

The community has been boring since BGMI got suspended in India, till then New State has seen a massive growth. Several third party events are happening around and it is to be noted that the official New State event which was supposed to happen has been postponed and dates haven’t been revealed yet. But tournament organizers and sponsors are looking to explore the game. Lets have a complete look about the upcoming huge New State events.

New state pubg

There were community gossips that Snapdragon Conquest New State Invitational is going to happen later this month, this got confirmed when they teased a bit about the event in their social handles. The event will be managed by Tesseract Esports, the event will be from December 7 to December 18.

Snapdragon Conquest New State Invitational Format and Schedule

The competition has been divided into three stages. The format for the different stages can be found below:

  • League Stage (December 7 to 10): All the invited teams will be divided into groups and will play matches in Round Robin format. In the end, a total of 24 teams qualifies to the next round.
  • Semi Finals(December 15 to 16): The 24 qualified teams plays matches for two days five matches per day in a round robin format. In the end, 16 teams qualifies to the next round.
  • Finals(December 17-18): The 16 teams will fight for the championship as well as the prize pool.

ESL India, in collaboration with Nodwin Gaming, is bringing a new open tournament for players of Pubg New State. Dubbed the Snapdragon Conquest New State: Pro Series, the tournament features a massive prize pool of $123,000.

Registrations for the tournament started on November 30. Players who wish to participate can head over to the official website of the event and fill out the required details to register for the contest. Gamers should be at least 16 years or older to compete in the tournament.

Snapdragon Pro Series Format and Schedule:

The competition has been divided into five stages and will commence on December 12. The format for the different stages can be found below:

  • Open Qualifiers (December 12 to 20): All registered squads will play in the Open Qualifiers. In the end, a total of 32 teams will move on to the next stage.
  • Open Finals (December 28 to 30): A total of 32 squads will compete at the Open Finals. After three days of matches, the top 16 teams will move on to the Mobile Challenge.
  • Mobile Challenge (January 5 to 15, 2023): In this stage, the 16 teams that qualified from the Open Finals will be pitted against 16 invited squads. These 32 groups will battle it out, and the top 24 teams will qualify for the Finals.
  • Finals: The Finals will be a LAN affair where 24 squads will compete for 16 slots in the Grand Finals of the tournament.
  • Grand Finals: This stage will be a two-day LAN event. It’ll feature 16 teams who will fight for the championship, as well as the massive prize pool.

Prize pool distribution for New State Pro Series

A massive prize pool of $123,000 will be distributed among the top 24 teams. The side in the first position will receive $24,000 in prize money, while the second and third-ranked squads will be awarded $19,000 and $15,000. A $4,000 cash prize will also be offered to the MVP of the PUBG New State Pro Series.

  • 1st Place – $24,000
  • 2nd Place – $19,000
  • 3rd Place – $15,000
  • 4th Place – $11,000
  • 5th Place – $8,000
  • 6th – 8th Place – $5,000
  • 9th and 10th Place – $3,000
  • 11th and 12th Place – $2,500
  • 13th to 16th Place – $2,000
  • 17th to 24th Place – $1,000
  • MVP – $4,000

Points system for New State Pro Series

The tournament will follow the same standard point distribution system that is used in pubg mobile  events.

  • 1st Place – 15 Points
  • 2nd Place – 12 Points
  • 3rd Place – 10 Points
  • 4th Place – 8 Points
  • 5th Place – 6 Points
  • 6th Place – 4 Points
  • 7th Place – 2 Points
  • 8th to 11th Place – 1 Point
  • 12th to 16th Place – 0 points
  • Each Kill – 1 Point

Apart from the many registered teams, certain popular Indian organizations will also be competing in the PUBG New State event, which makes it all the more exciting for fans. This tournament will be a breath of fresh air for BGMI esports fans in India. The suspension of this title in the country in July 2022 has left the community disappointed, as official tournaments have not been organized since.

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