Barcelona president Josep Bartomeu resigns after fall-out with Lionel Messi


Barcelona President Josep Bartomeu resigned on Tuesday amid the fallout from the ace player Lionel Messi and on his way out revealed the Spanish club wants to join a potential new super league of elite European teams.

As per the media reports are to believed the reasons officials wanted Bartomeu to leave Barca as it has been the worst season for the ace Spanish Club. Also entire board of directors who were working

under Bartmou reign have also resigned. After leaving the club Bartmou said “For that reason, we cannot hold the vote of censure in the current circumstances. It was necessary to do so in conditions that guaranteed everybody’s health. We cannot nor want to put ourselves in a position of having to choose between protecting people’s health and exercising the right to vote. For that reason we have taken the decision to not call the vote and resign forthwith.”

Also more than 20,000 Barca members signed a petition where they asked Bartomeu and his team member to leave the club especially after star player Messi said that he want to leave Spanish club as Bartomeu and his team is playing dirty politics and now anyone leaving the club don’t surprise me which was taken seriously by other Barca members. Bartomeu said on Monday that he explained to Messi and his family that he could not let the world’s best player depart before the end of his contract, which expires at the end of this season. Bartomeu had also said that resigning had not crossed his mind.

He said “the desire of this board of directors has never been to hold on to power at the club,” which will now be managed by an interim board until new elections are held.

“We know that we will leave the club in the hands of an interim board that, in the current circumstances of the pandemic, has no guarantee of being able to hold elections in the short term,” he said.

Bartmou said that we have given approval to conduct European Super League during our last phase with Barcelona and whoever will take the charge of this club will decide the remaining proceedings of this competition. He served as president of Barca for almost seven years after the resignation of Sandro Rosell in 2014. This incident clearly indicates that members of Barca do take the opinion of Messi very seriously who is arguably the best player who has represented the ace Spanish club till date. They don’t want to lose their best player at any cost.