Asia Cup Controversy: Amid ongoing verbal battle between India and Pakistan cricket board, PCB Chief shares his final plan

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There have been constant verbal battles going on between the officials between BCCI and PCB, especially on Asia Cup Controversy, and finally, PCB President Najam Sethi has shared his plan.

Sethi answered all those questions in his press conference where he responded that they will be hosting Asia Cup matches on Hybrid model where we will be hosting all teams barring India as they will play their games of Asia Cup at a neutral venue.

“We have decided on this hybrid model that Pakistan plays its Asia Cup matches at home and India their matches at a neutral venue and that is our proposal to the Asian Cricket Council,” said Sethi while talking in the latest press conference.

Based on reports from different media outlets, Asia Cup 2023 matches will be held between September 2nd and 17th 2023 however the exact schedule is yet to be announced.

The six teams who will be competing against each  other will be India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and ACC Qualifying team.

One team which will make the cut will emerge from qualifying tournament which is currently held in Nepal.

Sethi said they have been advised by the people in government authority to host India in the upcoming Asia Cup on neutral venue and we will be going for World Cup 2023.

In retrospect we will expect them to travel Pakistan for Champions Trophy 2025.

“We have been told that, maybe, the ice will keep on melting. If this happens when the Champions Trophy is held in Pakistan in 2025, India would consider playing in Pakistan. We have been advised to play the Asia Cup at a neutral venue and also go to India for the World Cup,” said Sethi but did not say exactly who has advised them” added Sethi.

Sethi concluded by stating that, people in Pakistan wants to improve cricketing relationship with India and we want to do that on level playing field.

“We feel this hybrid experiment can also be applied when it is time for the World Cup,” Sethi said.

“Our stance is that everything should be on a reciprocal basis. In the old times, yes there were security issues in Pakistan. But now there are no issues, so what is India’s excuse for not playing in Pakistan,” he added.