Mobile Esports platform ONMO goes live on Indian short video based app Chingari

Esports have become hot topic of discussion in International market and India being one of the global market has seen a huge rise in number of budding players who are playing Esports and wants to make a career in this field. The platform is now  available on Chingari which is a short video based app where social tokens are used. ONMO will grasp the audience of 100 million + Chingari users on their platform.

They are redefining mobile gaming platform by creating a unique destination for causal mobile Esports player. ONMO has its bases established in Canada, India and Sweden.

Taking more about Chingari, it is a short video service app where users create short videos which result in generating billion views via content every month.

The app in limited time period has registered 100 million+ base and they are aiming to reach above 200 million+ user in coming months. ONmobile who made an initial investment on Chingari platform in April 2021 has launched now ONMO inside Chingari app for users to play different kind of mobile e sports.

According to reports from different media outlets, Indian gaming industry will generate $1.5 billion revenue and this is expected to grow five times at the end of 2025. Out of this 86 percent revenue will drive from mobile Esports. And with games like PUBG Mobile etc. ranking in crores of rupees in the form of tournament prize money, the interest in eSports is growing too.

However, the sport has much larger economic impact: we expect it to generate economic value of around ₹100 billion between now and FY2025” added Ashish Pherwani who serves as partner, media and entertainment services in EY India.

“With mobile gaming continuing to scale and grow rapidly, we see a massive opportunity for mobile eSports and what it offers to both developers and players. We spotted a gap in the tools available today to organize mobile eSports at scale,” said Vibhav Viswanathan, vice-president, product development at MPL.

Taking more about Esports driving engagement and in case of higher engagement it retains more users and eventually it enhances the tenure of any competitive games as easily any competitive tournament can run for next 5-10 years it keeps users glued towards these games even if new version of games comes in market user will stick to the games which have simple user interface and drives more engagement through competitive gaming ecosystem.