All Records Shattered and Milestone Achieved in IPL 2023

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There are a number of records and milestones that were shattered in the IPL 2023. This IPL is said to be the greatest of all time. However, there is no doubt that Shubman Gill turned out to be the best batsman of the IPL 2023 because of his individual performance. However, apart from the number of centuries Gill scored, there were many other records that were made.

New records made in the  IPL 2023

 You can see the list of the records that were made in the IPL 2023. These records are certainly going to astonish you because, at the start of the IPL 2023, no one thought it was going to be such a cracker.

 Most number of centuries in any IPL

 Getting a century in a T20 match is certainly a big thing because you don’t get that many balls to play. However, this season broke the century record of previous seasons by a huge margin. In 2022, a total of 8 centuries were scored in a single IPL. However, this year a total of 12 centuries were scored by the players. That was certainly a big achievement for the batsman. This year was certainly not the season for the bowlers.

Kohli was getting the highest number of centuries.

Chris Gayle held the record of 6 centuries, but this year King Kohli went on to surpass him and achieved the milestone of 7 centuries.

 Most number of 200+ totals

 Every team that bats first in the IPL ensures that they score at least 200 runs in the first innings to put pressure on the opposition. And this year’s IPL saw that happening quite frequently.

2022 saw 18 totals of 200+ runs in a single season. That was the highest, but this year, people witnessed 37 totals of 200+ runs.

Highest viewership

 As shared by Jio Cinema on their Twitter account. There was a viewership of 3.4 crore people at one moment. This was truly phenomenal.

 Shubman Gill breaking the record of Jos Buttler

Jos Buttler went on to score 863 runs in the IPL 2022. However, Shubman Gill surpassed him and went on to score 890 runs. That is truly magnificent.

So, what do you think about the IPL 2024? Well, the way the evolution of this league is going on. Next year we might see new records being made.