Ahmedabad Marathon 2023: Indian Ace Cricketer Mithali Raj to Flag Off Grand Event

Mithali Raj, Ahmedabad Marathon 2023

As the city of Ahmedabad eagerly awaits the 7th edition of the Ahmedabad Marathon, a diverse group of seasoned marathon runners is gearing up for one of the city’s most significant events, scheduled to take place this Sunday. The Indian ace cricketer Mithali Raj will flag-off this grand event. This year’s marathon holds a special place as the iconic 83-year-old Munindra Vasavada is set to become the oldest participant, showcasing the timeless spirit of endurance.

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Vasavada, a Gandhinagar resident, recently shared his excitement about the upcoming event, emphasizing the integral role of running in his daily routine and life. Having participated in a local running event just days ago, Vasavada reflected on the community’s enthusiasm about his completion of the race. Speaking with anticipation, he stated, “Walking and running are part of my routine and part of my life because, in my young days, we didn’t have easy access to vehicles; walking was the only way to commute.”

What makes Vasavada’s story even more inspiring is his belief that running runs in his blood. Despite the ease of modern transportation, he continues to live a simple life, preferring the age-old practice of walking and running. His dedication to marathons spans 8-10 years, with the tradition extending to his family. Vasavada’s son, an avid runner with 15 full marathons in both the USA and India, and his granddaughter, who joins him in running events, collectively carry the marathon spirit in their blood.

Joining the ranks of passionate participants is Hemal Shah, the President of the Amdavad Distance Runners group, who has been part of the Adani Ahmedabad Marathon since its inaugural edition in 2017. Expressing her excitement, Shah referred to the marathon as Ahmedabad’s signature event. Even during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, she participated virtually, emphasizing the privilege of being part of her home event. With over 20 years of running experience and 15 marathons under her belt, Shah is eagerly looking forward to the picturesque Riverfront Sports Park, where the new route will unfold across the Sabarmati riverfront.

Ingit Anand, a project lead at a real estate firm, adds another layer to the diverse tapestry of runners, expressing his enthusiasm for the event. For Anand, endurance sports are not just a hobby but a lifestyle component contributing to fitness and health. Having participated in various triathlon events worldwide, including two full marathons and over 25 half marathons, Anand views the Ahmedabad Marathon as an opportunity to challenge himself with a new route.

The upcoming edition of the Adani Ahmedabad Marathon promises to be a spectacular event, commencing and concluding at the scenic Sabarmati Riverfront Sports Park. What adds to the anticipation is the honor of having the legendary former Indian cricket captain, Mithali Raj, and Gujarati actor, Malhar Thakar, flagging off the event.