Agasara Nandini Biography: Personal Life, Career, Age, Height, Facts & Networth

Agasara Nandini

Agasara Nandini Biography

Nandini Agasara is an Indian athlete who competes in the 100m hurdles event. She was born on August 7, of the year 2003, and is 20 years old. Nandini Agasara has represented India in various national and international competitions.

Athletic Career

Nandini Agasara has left her mark on the track and field world with her exceptional performances and achievements. Her personal best time of 13.34 seconds in the 100m hurdles showcases her remarkable speed and agility, setting a high standard for her competitors.

One of the highlights of her career was her participation in the World Athletics U20 Championships held in Cali, where she displayed her prowess in the 100m hurdles by securing a third-place finish with an impressive time of 13.34 seconds. This achievement not only brought recognition to her talent but also demonstrated her ability to compete at an international level.

On the national front, Nandini Agasara consistently showcased her skills in the 100m hurdles event. At the National Open Athletics Championships in Bengaluru, she clinched the third position, further solidifying her position as a top-notch athlete in the country. Additionally, at the Indian Championships in Bhubaneshwar, she maintained her impressive track record by finishing third in the 100m hurdles with a time of 13.55 seconds.

Nandini Agasara’s dedication to her sport has led her to participate in various competitions, including the World Athletics U20 Championships, National Interstate Senior Athletics Championships, Indian U23 Championships, and more. Her achievements not only reflect her commitment and hard work but also inspire aspiring athletes to reach for greatness on the track and in the field. Nandini Agasara is undoubtedly a rising star in the world of athletics, and her future in the sport holds great promise.

Early Life

Nandini Agasara is the daughter of a tea vendor. To make ends meet, the father of the young athlete used to work two jobs every day. Before opening a tea store at Kapran in Secunderabad, Yellappa, Nandini’s father, worked as a security guard. However, that did not prevent his daughter Nandini Agasara from pursuing her dream.

Career Graph

Discipline Place Score Week
Women’s 100mH 298 1094
Women’s Overall Ranking 3055 1095
Women’s 100mH 213 1
Women’s Long Jump 299 1
Women’s Overall Ranking 2413 1

Bio Data

Full Name: Nandini Agasara

Date of Birth: 7 August 2003

Age: 20 Years

Gender: Female

Nationality: Indian

Country: India

Occupation: Athlete

Sport: Hurdler

Athlete Code: 14917721