5 Best Genshin Impact Characters of 2022 you should know as beginner of the game

If you are new to the world of Genshin Impact let me brief you about this powerful game which is based on role-playing developed by miHoYo was released on different platforms like -Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, iOS and Android in 2020. The game was also released on Nintendo Switch and it is free to play and can be monetized through understanding game mechanics where every player can obtain new characters and weapons during the process of the entire game. 

Let’s talk about 5 Best Genshin Impact Characters of 2022 in detail:

5.  Bennett

Bennett comes 5th in list of Best Genshin Impact characters as he is proper all-rounder of the game and if you consider him in shoes of supporting character he can almost do anything. From facing severe damage against opponent and healing teammates there is nothing which this character can’t do.

If you are adamant of completing Spiral Abyss floors, you will get to witness the versatility of Bennett as character which can be used during crunch phase of the game.

4.  Ganyu:

Ganyu comes 4th in the list of most powerful characters of Genshin Impact of 2022 and if you haven’t tried this character during the verse of the game you should definitely try her. She is one of the best DPS characters just to put things into perspective- it’s a character class whose attacks aren’t physical or melee-based with this character you receive an exceptional skillsets and have immense power to freeze enemies in right place.

Overall the package of entire character is quite subtle and right.

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3. Raiden Shogun:

Raiden Shogun comes 3rd in the list of most powerful characters of Genshin Impact of 2022 who loves playing supporting roles this is the best character for you to pick .

 In limited time span she has become one of the most favourite among players due to incredibly energy she generate.

With Proper build up during the phase of the game, Raiden Shotgun becomes one of the best supporting characters in the game.

2.  Kazuha:

Kazuha comes 2nd in the list of most powerful characters of Genshin Impact of 2022  it is actually inauzma character which was introduced after 1.6 update of the game.

This character is perfect amalgamation of different skillsets which include- elemental powers, adding a tremendous amount of damage and attacking ability.

The character also gives you wide opportunity to use Freedom sworn weapon and skills it offers if used properly during the phase of the game you can become unstoppable.

1. Ayato:

Ayato comes 1st in the list and one of the strongest characters of the game and he is one of the most powerful characters with intense damage stats.

The character has strong ability to regenerate energy passively. 

With their hit points they are likely to increase its efficiency within few minutes of the game.

The character does posses Namisen effect which adds one more power in their special attacks.  Overall if you consider all the skills of Ayato you can’t go wrong during the time of execution.

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