10 Interesting and Unknown Facts About PV Sindhu

10 Unknown Facts About PV Sindhu

Facts About PV Sindhu : Time and again, India has produced some of the most iconic superstars in various sports and badminton is no exception. Moreover, with the likes of Pulela gopichand  and Saina Nehwal making all the news for their splendid performance in the badminton court, PV Sindhu has emerged as the latest sensation for Indian whilst bringing all the glory to the country in the recent years.. She has become the first ever Indian badminton player to win a  silver medal in the Olympics whilst claiming the same honor at the Rio Olympics in 2016.Although we know a lot about her, let’s take a look at some of the most unknown, yet interesting facts about this ace shuttler.

#1 She Is Doing All The Wonders At An Age Of Just 21 Years

10 Unknown Facts About PV Sindhu

You might not believe the fact but PV Sindhu is just 21 years old yet and it’s because of her dedication and enthusiasm towards badminton that has brought her so much of glory at such a young age. Born in the year 1995, she has become the only badminton player hailing from the Indian Territory to win a silver medal at the Olympics and surpassed the previous record made by her compatriot Saina Nehwal who earlier won a bronze medal at the London Olympics in 2012.

We can only say that at an age when everyone is still looking forward to their life and career, she is living her passion with utmost expertise and rewards alongside.

#2 Coming From A Family Of Sports Professionals

10 Unknown Facts About PV Sindhu

Not many people know this fact but PV sindhu hails from a family where both her father and mother have been former National level volleyball players. Interestingly, her father PV Ramana has already been awarded with the coveted Arjuna award which is the highest award to be given for excellence in a particular sports or field in India. Moreover, her mother P Vijaya has also been the former Volleyball player and represented her stats in the national volleyball quite sometimes. It looks likes PV Sindhu got it in her genes already.


#3 Getting Inspiration From Pulela Gopichand

10 Unknown Facts About PV Sindhu pullela gopichand

Everyone of us have our own idols whether it’s in sports or else and just like that PV sindhu also found an idol in Pulela gopichand after Gopichand claimed victory at the all England championships in 2001. Meanwhile, PV  sindhu got that much inspired from Gopichand’s victory, that she decided to chose Badminton on Volleyball, which was also liked and played by her parents on professional levels. Well we can call that a “Real Inspiration” forward!

#4 Started Badminton At An Age Of 8

10 Unknown Facts About PV Sindhu

8 years is an age when most of the kids around are yet to find their interests in studies or any other stuff but that was the time when PV sndhu found her interest towards badminton. Moreover, as she was inspired by her idol Pulela gopichand and his victory at the all England badminton championship, she started playing badminton at a tender age of 8 years. Best part about the same was that her parents also lend their full support to their daughter and that’s how India have got their new badminton superstar.

#5 Finally Getting Trained By Her Idol

10 Unknown Facts About PV Sindhu

PV Sindhu started training under the supervision of Mehboob ali, who was a renowned badminton coach and her training period started ta the badminton courts of Indian railways Institute of Signal engineering and Telecommunications. It was years later, when she finally get a chance to get trained under her idol and favorite badminton player Pulela gopichand’s badminton academy and even till now, she is getting all her trainings from there only.

#6 Awarded With Padma Shri

10 Unknown Facts About PV Sindhu

Not every sports person gets the chance to be highlighted on the top honor list and it’s all about the hard work and dedication they put into their efforts, which reap them the big rewards. PV sindhu has trained and worked really hard in getting what she has achieved during all her career and even whilst she got honored with the 4th highest civilian award in Indian, Padma shri, she is still going nice and high with her hardcore efforts to make the country proud with her game.

#7 Her full name Is Pusarla Venkaat Sindhu

10 Unknown Facts About PV Sindhu

Although it’s a trend there in south India where people have to carry their parental names with their own names and this very much lengthen the name in the process, PV sindhu still got it a bit shortened. Her full name is Pusarla venkata sindhu and almost everyone around still calls her as PV sindhu due to issues pertaining to spell her name at large. Well, we can say that name doesn’t maters until your performance is speaking louder than your voice!

#8 Dedication Personified

10 Unknown Facts About PV Sindhu

Although we known about her success story at large, there are many people around who don’t really known the efforts she has put in into the same. Sindhu used to travel around 50km during her childhood in order to reach out to her badminton training centre in Hyderabad and it once happened that she has missed her sister’s wedding as she got to compete in a grand prix at lucknow .Even though she is focusing all into her tennis nowadays, she is also pursuing her MBA currently to look after her education as well alongside.

#9 She Is A Foodie And A Movie Buff

pv sindhu

You would surely go surprised with this fact but this lanky badminton player from Hyderabad is a foodie by heart. PV sindhu loved the Italian food and the Chinese food to the core and she is a big fan of the Hyderabadi biryani as well. Although she has to stay away from all this in order to keep herself fit during the matches all round the year, she sometimes feed her cravings  whenever get time from her busy schedule. One can’t certainly believe that a person who loves food that much is still so fit and athletic in her real life but PV sindhu is certainly an idol for everyone out there. Apart from food she is a big time movie buff and fan of famous Indian actors, Hrithik Roshan, Mahesh babu and Prabhas.

#10 List Of Awards She Has Won

pv sindhu

As we know about her famous victory at the Rio Olympics in 2016 where she bagged the silver medal and became the first ever Indian women to do so, she has lot more to her name afterwards. Sindhu has been awarded with both Arjuna award and Rajiv Gandhi khel ratna award for her excellent performance in badminton for India.

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