Wrestler Protest Updates: Sports Authority of India, BCCI and Sports Ministry served notice from National Human Rights Body

Indian wrestlers’ protest, which continues at Jantar Mantar so that justice might be done to female wrestlers, has become the most talked-about topic in town.

Speaking of the most recent development, a notification from the National Human Rights Human Body has been sent to the Sports Authority of India, BCCI, and Ministry of Sports.

The warning emphasizes the significance of having an Internal Complaint Committee (ICC) or appropriate Fictional ICC in order to effectively resolve any sexual assault allegations.

“Suo motu cognisance of a media report that there is no Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) in the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) as mandated by the Prevention of Sexual Harassment (PoSH) Act, 2013”.

“Reportedly, the wrestling body is not the only one not having a duly constituted ICC. In addition to it, there are as many as 15 of the 30 national sports federations who do not meet this mandatory requirement,” the statement said.

The statement further highlights that the notice has been send to distinct sports federation of Volleyball, Handball, archery, snooker, Table Tennis, weightlifting, table tennis, Yatching, Snooker, Billiards and many more.

Based on further reports from distinct media outlets, all these organization have been asked to submit their report related to the current scenario of ICC in their organization and what steps they adopt in their own capacity if any such issue occur in their ecosystem.

“Five federations, including the WFI, do not even have an ICC. Four federations do not have the stipulated number of members and another six federations lack the mandatory external members. It is also stated that one federation had two panels, but neither had an independent member,” the statement said.

It has already been 20 days where India wrestlers are protesting and they even won Black arm band on Thursday to mark ” Black Day in Indian Sports” so that female wrestlers can attain justice.