World Esports Update: Chinese Esports star banned for life after he was found alleged in match fixing

Taking about latest development in the field of World Esports came in reference to Chinese esports star Chen “Jay” Bo who has been banned from all competitions organized by Leagues of Legends Pro League(LPL) officials due to match fixing. The news was shared via official statement from Leagues of Legends team this week.

Based on the investigation launched this week against Chinese Player where it was found that the latter had communicated with someone outside the league to intentionally lose specific LPL matches this season.

“The LPL Disciplinary Committee has announced that Chen ‘Jay’ Bo will be permanently banned from all professional competitions,” the LPL said on Weibo, according to a translation by Korizon’s Kevin Kim.

“The player will also be forbidden from broadcasting League of Legends related content on his streams,” the message said.

“Chen was accused of “improper behaviours that affect the fairness of LPL games” and participating in illegally organised betting on League of Legends events.

“Chen will be suspended for life for violating relevant regulations, with immediate effect.”

He joined LCD gaming team in December, had relevant outing in the past with teams like Twelve, Vici Gaming, Gama Dream and TyLoo. Chen usually works as mid laner who is responsible for controlling the outcome of the game due to players location on the gaming map.

Based on reports from different media outlets, China is the largest Esports market in the world with over 400 million viewers and fans.

The market revenue of Esports gaming in China grew upto 140 billion yuan in comparison to  136 billion Yuan in the previous year.


As of March 2022, Wang Chayanu is considered as one of the best player from the country and based on reports from different sources, 24 year old player has earned whooping amount of 3.4 million US Dollar in his esports gaming career till date.

The sole reason behind the popularity of Esports in China is involvement of big companies who organize events with the purpose to reunite esports gamers and during these events they provide opportunity for public to watch multiplayer video game competition where top teams compete under one roof for the prestigious title.