Why Serena Williams serve dominates tennis? Lets ponder that

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There is certainly no doubt about that Serena Williams is one of the best women’s tennis players who have played the game. But if you decode her game from last 10 years that why is she so much successful as compared to another counterpart. The answer will be her powerful serve which has played a major role in her iconic rise in all major events.

To understand her powerful serve we need to break down her serve into four parts: the acceptance window, power, spin and disguise.

1. The acceptance Window

The acceptance window is that area of the court where ball has to land so that the serve done by a player can be counted. The acceptance window varies based on the height at which you are hitting the ball. As Serena is not the tallest player but she makes up to that as she manages to serve the ball at proper height so that ball can land in inbound direction when it hits the opposite court also She is very consistent in doing that in last 10 years.

2. Power

Her Power is fastest in the game as she averages 170 kilometre per hour which is 12 kilometres per hours faster than other professional female athletes. The reason why her power is so strong as she relies on her timing instead of bending the full body when it comes to the serving.

3. Spin

Her third quality that makes her serve powerful is topspin serves which is slower as compare to other female player but they are so accurate and bang on a point that it creates a difficulty for opposition player to return that serve back.

4. Disguise

Last quality that she mastered while serving is disguise where she let the opponent guess on which area she will serve and the moment opponent realizes that she has already scored a point and that is what separate champions with players. She has an ability to hit topspin serve, power serve or even a slice serve in the same standing position and same body movements. Yet keep opponent guessing what’s coming at their end.

Serena Williams with these qualities has won 82 per cent of her game in the last 10 years. She has won 23 grand slam title in her carrier and if she wins ongoing US Open it will be her 24th title.