Why KKR haven’t hyped the release of Pathaan?


Shahrukh Khan starrer Pathaan has hit the theatres all around the country and is getting a loads of love from people. Pathaan was a long awaited movie and has created a huge buzz before its release and now is receiving a fabulous response from fans. Other than fans, celebrities and some cricketers are also showing support for the film as Indian Cricketer Dinesh Karthik sent the good wishes for the movie through twitter.

But other than love and support, the movie has also been facing some issues of criticism and hatred from a long time. For this a question raises that why other players and specially KKR are not coming infront to support Shahrukh Khan and his film Pathaan?

The reason seems like the team, players and management must be avoiding to face critics by involving in the issue. As, problems can occur like being boycott, match cancellations, controversies and criticism from fans. To avoid such issues KKR might not be supporting the movie directly.

Players don’t want to face issue on individual basis and also don’t want to affect their sport and game. Being getting involved in such issues will affect the sports ethics also.

Dinesh Karthik who tweeted good wishes for the film is now getting criticized by the fans on social media for his tweet.

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