Why Football Clubs are getting more involved in Esports?

The game of Football has an immense footprint in the world sporting landscape and of late we have witnessed football clubs making rapid strides towards establishing a deeper connection with the Esports industry.

The amalgamation of these two ecosystems could possibly change the shape of both sectors in a big way.  Here in this article, we will analyse what factors related to Esports are driving the attention of distinct football clubs towards them.


Before we throw light on the deepest reasons favoring the connection between Football and Esports there is a fact which we would like to mention that these two sports have never been miles away with each other with hugely popular FIFA and Pro Evoloution soccer games has been enjoyed by ardent fans even before they had any idea about Esports. These games are still played on Xbox, Playstation and other platforms.

Let’s revise the important highlights of the history of video games in detail

FIFA along with PES League recently launched ePremier League to provide opportunities to Football fans who couldn’t become professional due to injuries, financial crisis or other reason they can make esports their lucrative profession.

Prominent Football Clubs have already taped in the immense popularity of Esports have already acquired their esports teams to enhance their fan base to computers loving millennials or GEN Z who are considered as the audience of video game. French Football Club Paris Saint German possess their own Esports franchise.

5 times Champions League winners FC Barcelona, Scottish Champion Celtic and German based franchise Schalke 04 have partnered with the eFootball Pro league and all these steps  have been taken by these esteemed clubs to establish their presence in booming Esports industry.

Sensing the development opportunity, many football clubs have employed good FIFA or PES gamers on full time basis but we still have to wait for the time when esports player will bag a contract with established football club.

FIFA and PES esports games have together grown at a rapid pace due to miscellaneous reasons which include- viewership, players base and quality product. and social media being powerful tool will add more fire in the armoury.

Rocket League have become one of the most popular game in the world which includes the concept of “Football and rocket powered cars” and already touted as power based sport.

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