Why Few Tennis players never thought in their dreams that Djokovic one day will be on the same level of Nadal and Federer?

Novak Djokovic has already registered his name in All-time Great players who have played this great game of Tennis and with age being on his side in comparison to Nadal and Federer he will surpass them easily in terms of winning the grand slam once he will finish his career.

As Djokovic has won 20 Grand Slam which is equivalent to the number of Slams Nadal and Federer have won and he will be eyeing on 21st Grand Slam by winning the ongoing US Open if he successfully does that he will be joining the elite list of players who have won four Grand Slams in the same calendar year and with his form it is evident that he will certainly reach there very soon.

You will find this surprising that many current and past players who have played the game never imagined in their dreams that Djokovic has enough fire in his armoury in the early stage of his career to stand on the same pedestal as Nadal and Federer.

The recent to join the bandwagon is Daniil Medvedev who is currently second-seeded said that he never thought that Djokovic will win this many titles like Nadal and Federer but if you look at his game now he has broken so many records in Tennis. He also added what these three players which also include Federer and Nadal have achieved in the game will be standing for close to 10 years or more in Sporting history.

“Even me as a kid, every fan in the world thought, ‘OK, Novak, great player, maybe win few Slams but never going to be the same level as Roger and Rafa because, well, they’re amazing. He was able to almost break all the records in tennis. I think he’s going to break a few of them in the next years to come. What these three did is something exceptional in sport, which maybe will not be there in tennis for 100 more years. Or maybe it’s going to be the same in 10 years after them,” he said in a press- conference before his match.

Medvedev also added that everyone who is taking part in the ongoing US Open is here to beat Djokovic and stop him to win all four Grand Slam in the same calendar year.

“I’m sure Novak wants 45 Slams, play ’til 55. But we’re here to try to keep up his level and to beat him. We’re here to not let him win the US Open. But we all know that Novak, he’s a very strong player, one of the best in history. That’s why any tournament he’s in, he’s a big contender, a big favourite.”