Djokovic to Enter Adria Tour as men’s Tennis Returns

Djokovic to enter Adria Tour as men’s tennis returns

Djokovic to enter Adria Tour as men’s tennis returns

Men’s Tennis will finally make a comeback to the court after three months of strict lockdown that was implemented in order to flatten the curve of COVID-19. As two tournaments featuring big names like Novak Djokovic will take part in the event later this month. The ATP tour remains suspended until July 31st due to this ongoing pandemic.

But all the top-class players want to desperately go back to the court to play exhibition matches, a selection of men’s tennis stars have agreed to enter into two newly-created formats based on which tournament will be played starting from June 13th.

World Number 1 Tennis star Djokovic will take part in Adria Tour along with the likes of Dominic Thiem, Bulgarian star Grigor Dimitrov and creation duo Borna Coric and Marin Cilic.

Also, the tournament will be sponsored by Djokovic’s foundation will witness matches played at Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, and Montenegro from July 13th to July 5th.

The game will be played in a different format as there will be four games along with the best of three sets in the tournament.

The Ultimate Tennis Showdown will try all kinds of innovations that could be introduced to change how tennis is played in the future, with coaches allowed to call timeouts and use microphones to keep audiences engaged so that audience can witness tennis in a special way.

The Ultimate Tennis Showdown will be held in Nice with 10 matches being conducted every weekend for a total of 50 matches per clash.

A statement also came from WTT officials where they said: “All of us are extremely grateful to be able to play the 45th World TeamTennis season and present professional tennis to our sports-starved and tennis-starved audiences,”.

He further added that “The overwhelming feedback from our players is that they want to play WTT and are comfortable in doing so in a safe environment, which is our number one priority. West Virginia has among the nation’s fewest cases of COVID-19.”

This new format will be dynamic and will surprise all the tennis fans a lot as they will witness the matches on television or other social platforms if it happens in the closed doors.