When a Team Almost Win Every Match in IPL but not the Tournament?

When a Team Almost Win Every Match but not the Tournament


What is an IPL? It is a carnival which is celebrated by Indians like their biggest festival. It is always exciting to see how well motivated a fan is as compared to the player. Each win is a happiness, each defeat disheartens us. Ever noticed that a team wins almost every match but ends up losing the tournament, today let us discuss about this kind of fate of the IPL, in today’s column we will discuss about the teams which faced this fate and the small reasons behind this fate is achieved by the teams.

Lack of Combinations Tried

Rajathan Royals

Ever noticed that whenever a team changes main 11 constantly, it will only be in the situation where things are not going right? yes, when the team is winning, they will only try to maintain that winning habit and in most of the occasions they maintain their winning combinations. This habit might backfire in crunch times when one or two players fail as they haven’t tried much combinations. This can psychologically be a prime reason.

Choking at Crunch Time

Winning all matches and crunching now where it all matters. In international cricket we all have seen South Africa doing this despite being the strongest. When the moment comes to grab the crunch moment, teams tend to let it go.

Let us look at the teams which failed to win tournaments despite being the dominating one in the entire tournament:

Mumbai Indians 2010

mumbai indians vs chennai super kings

Mumbai Indians won almost every single game with ease in 2010 IPL. The team dominated every team and played against Chennai Super Kings in the finals. Odds were hugely on the side of Mumbai ones as Chennai Super Kings needed a last heroic over from Dhoni to clear the semis and the final. But Mumbai chocked in that one last game to end up as runners up of the tournament.

Kings XI Punjab 2014

kxip vs kkr

They won almost every game and dominated each team they faced. Playing against KKR in the finals which won 7 games on the trot to reach final and eventually KKR went on the finale. Kings XI Punjab was the team which shocked everyone with their dominant performance with Maxwell being their man of the tournament. They chocked and let go of their maiden title.

Royal Challengers Bangalore 2016

royal challengers bangalore

Those who follow IPL, know the story of Royal Challengers Bangalore. They are always among those brothers of destruction memes and strongest team memes at the start of the tournament. They never performed to their potential in most of the years. In the year when they win most of the matches, they choked in the finals and let the trophy getting slipped to the hands of the opposition. This happened not only in 2016, but it also happened in 2009, 2011, 2015(qualifier 2) and in 2016. Fans still awaits their maiden IPL win and hopefully it will be coming in 2019.

Sunrisers Hyderabad 2018

srh vs csk

The team which had a bad scoreline in every match but defended every low score and made the name for themselves for defending low scores. Every time when they batted first, they scored low and when everyone thought it will be a cakewalk for the opposition, that is where they showed the world that they had the strongest batting line up and had one of the best captains ever in the IPL. The calm headed player led the team to the final despite all the odds. But then the fate had other ideas when SRH failed to defend a high score.

Other Few Reasons

ms dhoni in ipl

Lack of Ability to Handle Pressure

League stage is not easy but final games contain lots of pressure elements. At this stage, only players with the ability to handle pressure and experienced players shine. That is why Chennai Super Kings is the most successful team in the IPL. Led by Dhoni they exactly know how to handle situations that matter the most under heavy pressure.

Try Different

You cannot try different ideas at crunch moments, but teams tend to do it and end up losing the game, this is what the teams should majorly avoid.


It’s not about winning all the time, it is about winning at the right time. Winnings never go meaningless but winning at the right time remains memorable always in life.

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