What’s wrong with Indian middle order batsman in Test cricket?

Indian middle-order is clearly struggling at the moment they are relying heavily on top-order batsmen to score and in case the top order fails then expecting a miracle inning from middle-order including the likes of Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli and Ajinkya Rahane, and Rishabh Pant they have not fired the way it was expected for them apart from one crucial knock of 100 run partnership that happened between Pujara and Rahane in 2nd Test at Lords.

Let’s analyze the performance of each middle-order batter in this ongoing England series in detail

Starting with Pujara it seems that on this tour his focus is only on defending balls rather than scoring runs and if you ignore his innings of 45 runs which came from 206 balls rest of the innings he has completely failed and looked pretty uncomfortable on the crease

Followed by skipper Kohli, as the series started it was written in media outlets it will be Anderson vs Kohli battle but we have witnessed so far out of four innings ace batsman has played  the former has dismissed later twice and what is more worrying is his nature of dismissal as he is behind the outside the off-stump delivery and what’s even more terrifying that yesterday he said in England as a batsman when you come out to bat you need to keep your ego in your pocket but still he played the delivery which got him which was supposed to be left

Now let’s move to Rahane vice-captain Rahane after playing 61 run knock at Lords in the ongoing England series there is no confident knock that has been delivered by Rahane’s willow where you can confidently place your bet on him that he will deliver in this series with the bat

Lastly, the criticism should come down to Rishabh Pant as he is not expected all the time when he comes to the crease to hot six and four, and based on the situation he needs to modify his game which he has failed to do so far in this ongoing England series as a batsman.