“We had limited facility when we started playing this game” reveals India Dota 2 captain Moin Ejaz in an exclusive conversation with us

When it comes to the Indian market, DOTA 2 as a game still has to find its place because it requires marketing and awareness-raising on various levels.

It is not a simple game for beginners to learn since it requires patience and gripping abilities to hold their opponents at the crucial moments of the game. In this article, we will exclusively reveal the contents of our chat with Moin Ejaz, the captain of the Indian Dota 2 team, in which we thoroughly discussed the game’s scaling problem and the future of esports in India.


Q-1: When did you decide to pursue a career as a professional DOTA 2 player? Have you ever considered making a career out of playing this game?

Moin Ejaz: When I first began playing, the scope was different, but in the DOTA 2 scenario, open qualifier tournaments used to be held in the years 2014–15, and any player could take part in the marquee event. We attempted to form a team and begin playing this game, and for that, even I had to quit my studies back then. 

Q-2: How’s been your journey so far as a professional Player to date? ‘

Moin Ejaz: When I first started, there was a team called “OG Gaming”( Oblique Gaming). They tended to win most of the time, so to compete with them we had to form a strong team. I started forming a team, trying different permutations and combinations, and fortunately, we got passionate players. We then worked to develop team unity and sportsmanship among us, and eventually, we started performing well in international scenarios.

Q3: Describe the differences you notice between the present and the time when you first started?

Moin Ejaz: Yes, I agree wholeheartedly. Unlike when we first started, we had to pay for our own travel expenses. Today, however, you can stay in opulent hotels and receive sponsorship if you are performing at the very top level.

Q-4: Tell us little bit about your mindset before approaching every games of the Commonwealth Esports Championship.

Moin Ejaz: When the competition was first announced, I attempted to assemble the best Dota 2 players I could find. However, many players moved around during the main event even though our team’s composition appeared solid on paper. As a result, we began training seriously, knowing that we would be competing against some of the best teams. We developed specific strategies for those teams, and when the main event finally arrived, we were fully prepared to face a challenging opponent and gave it our all. We supported one another and got along incredibly well in the first edition because our only goal was to win a medal in the main event, which is why we were able to do so and earn the Bronze medal. 


Q-5: Message to Budding Players?

Moin Ejaz: See, I’ll be honest with you—the game is challenging at first, but after you get its essence, it will be simpler for you to play, and you will thoroughly love this well-known game.

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