WATCH : Michael Clarke caught on camera during an intense public argument with his girlfriend

Michael Clarke

According to the sources, former Australian cricket team captain Michael Clarke and his partner Jade Yarbrough were fighting in Noosa and it was recorded on camera. Yarbrough and Clarke were seen fighting in a video that was released by The Daily Telegraph. Yarbrough was accusing Clarke of cheating on her and even seemed like she slapped him.

While Clarke, the former captain of Australia, denied having an extramarital relationship with his ex-girlfriend Pip Edwards, Yarbrough was observed yelling insults at Clarke. He was eventually removed from the situation by a few people.

On this incident Clarke said ”I’m devastated that my actions have brought my friends, women of class and character into this scenario. I am the only one at fault and I completely own this.”

Clarke also said that ”I’m mortified beyond belief that I placed individuals in this position that I hold in the highest respect. I did something that was nothing short of humiliating and unpleasant that led to this altercation.”

After the Queensland Police accused both parties of causing a public nuisance, Clarke and Yarbrough were fined by the authorities as a result. Queensland police fined Clarke and Yarbrough with public nuisance and the investigation has been finalised.

Michael Clarke has captained Australia’s World Cup winning cricket team of 2015 and currently is a member of the ICC broadcast crew for the major global tournaments.