Michael Clarke and Pip Edwards spotted together rumors to be dating each other again


Former Australian captain Michael Clarke has been in the news from the past few months as he is rumoured to be dating Pip Edwards famous fashion designer from Australia.

He split with his wife Kyle Clarke in February this year as the reports surfaced that the couple had done that in September 2019 itself.

However, Clarke and Edwards have both denied the relationship as they keep on saying that they are just good friends. Just a few months back they stated that they are friends from the last 12 years and they are working currently together on the project.

This news is making a lot of speculation as they both were spotted recently in Society Pizza Restaurant in Bondi Beach on Sunday.


As the pictures are going viral both Edwards and Clarke seems to be getting close to each other with the former resting her head on Clarke’s shoulders. They also met different people in the eatery and had a great time together.

Taking about both of them individually former skipper has been appointed recently as the Officer in the order of Australia, the same honour has been received by Australian greats like Ricky Pointing, Allan Border, Steve Waugh, and Bob Simpson, etc.

However, once Clarke received that honour he expressed his delight where he stated

“To be honest, I thought it was an April fool’s prank in June. Very surprised but in the same breath very honoured,”.

Taking about Edwards she is busy with her upcoming fashion project. It will be interesting to see that whether anyone out of them will come with certain statements will talk about their relationship or will they continue to give statements like we are Friends for that we need to wait and watch.

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