Watch : Manchester City disclose pictures of latest plans of expanding the Etihad Stadium to 60,000!

Reigning English Premier League champions Manchester City on Tuesday released pictures of their latest plan to expand their home ground, Etihad Stadium. Located at Eastern Manchester, Etihad Stadium has a capacity of 53,400 and the club’s latest announcement read that 6600 seats will be added as a part of their plan to welcome more and more people to the stadium. 

After a month of working closely with the club supporters, the club will add a new tier in the North Stand alongside a complex which will feature a museum, club merchandise store and hotel. The first images of their proposed plan look holistic and pleasing to the eye. The extension will aid for an even better atmosphere and support for the home team.

There’s virtual images of the new fan zone

City’s Abu Dhabi owners are very well known for their efforts to improve the stadium ambiance and they have also helped in improving the community as well as the Manchester region. The club officials sat with the fans last month to understand their philosophy about having a world-class and breathtaking experience.

The Etihad would be transformed

The proposed best-in-class fan experience and year-round entertainment and leisure destination. Concept pictures, created from initial concepts, depict a sizable fan experience centre with 3,000 seats that is connected to the stadium.

The north stand would have a new tier added

A 400-bed hotel, a new club shop, a variety of food and beverage outlets, and a covered City Square fan zone are all present in the neighborhood.