Vithya Ramraj Biography: Personal Life, Career, Age, Height, Facts & Networth

Vithya Ramraj

Vithya Ramraj Biography

Athlete Vithya Ramraj was born in the city of Coimbatore, in the state of Tamil Nadu, on September 20, of the year 1998. Vithya Ramraj has won the national title three times. Vithya Ramraj runs the 100-meter, 400-meter, and hurdle races. Vithya Ramraj came within 0.01 seconds of PT Usha’s record for the 400-meter hurdles set at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, clocking in at a blistering 55.43 seconds on September 11, of the year 2023 at the Athletics Grand Prix in the city of Chandigarh.

Early Life

Vithya is a native of Tamil Nadu’s Coimbatore. Her mother Meena is a housewife, and her father drives a truck. Nithya, her identical twin, is an athlete as well. Vithya is employed by Indian Railways. Vithya Ramraj’s mother enrolled in class seven at the Erode Girls Sports School when the girls began playing hockey. Later, both Vithya Ramraj and Nithya Ramraj changed to athletics.

Athletics Career

Vithya Ramraj competed in the 100- and 200-meter sprints up to the year 2017, but Vithya Ramraj then began concentrating on the 400-meter hurdles. However, Vithya Ramraj and her coach agreed that Vithya Ramraj would compete in the 400-meter and 400-meter hurdle events in addition to continue in the 100-meter races. The competitions she participated in the yar 2023 include:

  • 15-17 May of the year 2023: 100m and 100m hurdles – At Birsa Munda Foot Ball Stadium, Morabadi, in the city Ranchi of the state of Jharkhand of the country India;
  • 17 June of the year 2023: 4 × 100 m relay – Indian Championships, At Kalinga Stadium, in the city of Bhubaneshwar of the state of Odisha of the country India;
  • 13 July of the year 2023: 100m hurdles – Asian Athletics Championships, At Supachalasai National Stadium, in the city Bangkok of the country Thailand;
  • 30 July of the year 2023: 4 × 400 m relay, 4 × 400 m mixed relay – At Mahinda Rajapaksha Stadium, in the city of Diyagama of the country Sri Lanka
  • 10, 11 September of the year 2023: 400m, 400m hurdles – Indian Grand Prix 5, in the city of Chandigarh of the state of Punjab and Haryana of the country India.

Career Graph

Discipline Place Score Week
Women’s 400mH 61 1158
Women’s 100mH 157 1138
Women’s 400m 173 1116
Women’s Overall Ranking 898 1190
Women’s 400mH 56 1
Women’s 100mH 150 1
Women’s 400m 165 2
Women’s Overall Ranking 898 N/A

Bio Data

Full Name: Vithya Ramraj

Age: 25 Years

Date of Birth: 20 September 1998

Place of Birth: Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Nationality: Indian

Occupation: Athlete

Sports: Running