Virat Kohli Clarified Misleading Media Reports

Virat Kohli

Renowned Indian cricketer Virat Kohli stands as a towering figure in the realm of sports. His prominence extends globally, evident from his staggering count of over 200 million followers on Instagram – a record among Asians in the realm of social media. Kohli’s massive fan base has materialized due to his exceptional cricketing exploits. He holds the distinction of possessing the highest count of international centuries among all currently active cricketers worldwide. Beyond his prowess on the field, his assertive demeanor and unwavering dedication to physical fitness deeply resonate with his admirers.

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Being a source of inspiration for countless individuals, Kohli’s stature as a prominent brand has also attracted its share of misconceptions. Amidst his fame, there are those who endeavor to capture attention by disseminating inaccurate information about him. On certain occasions, these unfounded rumors have even reached Kohli himself, prompting him to take it upon himself to dispel such falsehoods. Presented below are three instances wherein Kohli personally debunked these baseless claims.

#1 Virat Kohli responds to speculation about his earnings surpassing ₹10 crore for an Instagram post.

As previously mentioned, Virat Kohli holds the distinction of being the most-followed Asian personality on Instagram. The prominent Indian cricketer frequently shares posts designated as ‘paid partnerships’ on this social media platform. The monetary compensation for these posts is substantial, but the precise financial arrangement remains confined to the purview of the concerned companies and Kohli’s management.

Numerous media outlets have circulated reports online, asserting that Kohli commands a fee of approximately ₹3 crore for a single post. However, a recent surprising revelation proposed that the cricket star’s charge has escalated to an astounding ₹11.5 crore per Instagram post.

This remarkable escalation in figures stirred skepticism among fans. In response, Kohli took to Twitter to provide clarification, stating that he is grateful and indebted to all that he has received in life. However, the news about his social media earnings is not true.

#2 Virat Kohli criticizes media accounts of discord with Rohit Sharma.

Following India’s defeat in the 2019 Cricket World Cup semifinal against New Zealand, media reports emerged suggesting a possible discord between Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma. During this period, Kohli served as the captain while Rohit held the position of his deputy. These reports went so far as to claim a division within the Indian squad, purportedly separating them into two factions: Team Virat and Team Rohit.

In the lead-up to the West Indies tour in 2019, Kohli was queried about his rapport with Rohit Sharma during a press conference. However, Kohli completely disagreed with all those statements.

#3 Kohli strongly criticizes English media over ball-tampering accusations.

After the conclusion of the second Test in India vs England series in 2016/17, reports emerged from British media suggesting that Virat Kohli, who was the Indian captain at the time, was involved in ball tampering. When questioned about this matter during a press conference prior to the third Test, Kohli addressed the issue by stating:
“The intention here seems to be to divert attention from the ongoing series. For me, the content of a newspaper article doesn’t hold the same weight as an official ICC decision. I don’t engage with newspapers personally, and I only became aware of these claims five days after the incident. To be honest, I merely dismissed it with a laugh.”
Notably, Kohli did not face any reprimand or sanctions from the ICC in the course of that series, substantiating that the media reports were devoid of factual foundation.