Valorant Challengers Open Qualifiers: Few nations thrive while other falter in the marquee event

Valorant Invitational India

Esports competitions are held all around the world, pitting the best teams and individuals against one another for the coveted crown.

Regarding the most recent development, the Valorant Challengers North America Open Qualifiers, certain nations excelled while others struggled, and some major upsets occurred in the group stages.

Another undervalued team, “Rat Attack,” overcame the rosters of Former Cloud 9 stars Alexis Gurrani and co.

However on the other end, The Nation achieved an astounding victory over Dark Ratio with a scoreline of 2-0 and they are absolute favourites to qualify for the next round.

The Nation comprises top tier players including the likes of- Jake , Wardell, Daniel and Spannu and others have brought A game on the table.

Taking about other teams performance in this ongoing event, Oxygen Esports which are similar to the Nation have made it to the quarterfinals where they have lost only one game.

The top teams will be eligible for the Challengers One trophy, which will begin in February 2023.

In light of how much sports have advanced and how much people appreciate the game, it is likely that the mobile version of this game will be released early the following year.

Fans will thoroughly love it as soon as it becomes reality, and mobile gaming will see a huge surge in popularity worldwide.

Regarding the Indian esports scene, BGMI is anticipated to return in January since developer Krafton shared maintenance on their official social media account. It would be fascinating to see if the games make a comeback or not.