U Mumba vs Haryana Steelers- Statistical Review: Pro Kabaddi 2019

U Mumba vs Haryana Steelers

U Mumba vs Haryana SteelersU Mumba vs Haryana Steelers- Statistical Review
Haryana Steelers out in a valiant effort to defeat a strong U Mumba side 30-27 at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Chennai. This was their fourth win in five matches which now sees them at the 5
th spot in the table. 

U Mumba built an early lead, but it was Vikas Kandola, who executed a Super Raid to put Haryana ahead in the game. The match then went neck-to neck for a fair while, before Haryana Steelers, led by Kandola’s efforts, inflicted the first all-out on the night to go 7 points clear. The first half ended with the Steelers having an 8-point advantage.

U Mumba made a strong comeback in the second half as Abhishek Singh came to the party and with about 12 minutes to go, almost levelled the game. However, Haryana Steelers had other ideas and they lifted their game to yet again get ahead in the game, slowly building on the lead to finally clinch the game 30-27.

Starting Sevens
U Mumba: Sandeep Narwal, Fazel Atrachali, Surinder Singh, Harendra Kumar, Arjun Deshwal, Athul MS, Rohit Baliyan 

Haryana Steelers: Vikas Kandola, Ravi Kumar, Sunil, Naveen, Prashant Kumar Rai, Dharmaraj Cheralathan, Praveen

Top Scorers

U Mumba
Raider: Abhishek Singh – 6 points
Defender: Fazel Atrachali – 4 points

Haryana Steelers
Raider: Vikas Kandola – 9 points
Defender: Ravi Kumar/ Sunil – 3 points

Overall Scorecard

U Mumba
Sandeep Narwal- 5 points
Fazel Atrachali- 4 points
Surinder Singh- 1 point
Harendra Kumar- 2 points
Arjun Deshwal- 3 points
Athul MS- 3 points
Rohit Baliyan- 0 points

Abhishek Singh: 6 points

Haryana Steelers

Vikas Kandola- 9 points
Ravi Kumar- 3 points
Sunil- 3 points
Naveen- 1 point
Prashant Kumar Rai- 1 point
Dharmaraj Cheralathan- 1 point
Praveen- 0 points

Chand Singh- 3 points
K Selvamani- 3 points
Vinay- 1 point

Score Comparisons

Raid Points:
U Mumba- 14 points
Haryana Steelers- 16 points

Tackle Points:
U Mumba- 10 points
Haryana Steelers- 9 points

All Out Points:
U Mumba- 2 points
Haryana Steelers- 2 points

Extra Points:
U Mumba- 1 point
Haryana Steelers- 3 points

Milestones Achieved in the game

  • Vikas Kandola went past 50 Raid Points in Pro Kabaddi 2019
  • Fazel Atrachali registered 400 Tackles in Pro Kabaddi 

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