TSM Officially Departs LCS After Selling Team Slot for a Reported $10 Million


A new esports team called Shopify Rebellion is entering the North American League of Legends scene in 2024. They’ll be one of the 10 teams in the league and are taking over the spot previously held by TSM. Shopify Rebellion bought this spot for about $10 million.

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Shopify Rebellion has been successful in various other esports like StarCraft, Dota 2, Halo, Street Fighter, and Rocket League. They also have a strong VALORANT team that has performed well in international and domestic competitions.


However, there’s a challenge for Shopify Rebellion. Most of the TSM players’ contracts will expire in November, except for one player. So, Shopify Rebellion needs to sign new players or re-sign the existing ones.

TSM had announced earlier that they were leaving the North American league for a different top-tier region. This marks the end of TSM’s long history in North American League of Legends.

TSM had a remarkable history, winning seven LCS championships, making several World Championship and Mid-Season Invitational appearances, and being home to famous players like Spica and Doublelift, as well as retired legends like Huni and Bjergsen.

In conclusion, the entry of Shopify Rebellion into the North American League of Legends scene in 2024, following their acquisition of TSM’s slot for around $10 million, marks a significant development in the world of esports. Shopify Rebellion’s track record of success in various esports titles, including a strong VALORANT team, suggests they are poised to make a competitive impact in the LCS.

However, as they prepare for their LCS debut, the organization faces the crucial task of addressing player contracts, with most of the TSM roster set to expire in November. This challenge will determine the composition of their team moving forward.

The departure of TSM from the North American league signifies the end of an era for one of the region’s most iconic and successful esports organizations. TSM’s legacy, boasting multiple LCS championships and international appearances, has left an indelible mark on the esports landscape. As Shopify Rebellion takes the reins, it will be fascinating to see how they navigate these challenges and contribute to the ongoing evolution of competitive League of Legends in North America.