League of Legends will introduce a fresh ranked penalty system for toxic players

League of Legends

Online video games like League of Legends have always had a problem with players being mean and rude. But in League of Legends, this problem has been really bad.

For many years, the people who make the game, Riot Games, have tried different ways to stop this bad behavior. But in the next update, called Patch 13.19, they’re trying something new to make it better.

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Riot Games is going to use a new system to punish players who are always being mean in their games. This means if you’re mean a lot in your recent games, you won’t be able to play the competitive mode until you show that you can be nice by playing some regular games and being better behaved.


This means that if someone has been doing bad things in their games, they will have to play some less competitive game modes, like blind pick, draft pick, ARAM, or special game modes, and they have to behave nicely while playing these games. Once they do that, they can go back to playing the competitive mode.

The bad things that can get you in trouble include leaving games or not playing, doing things to purposely make your team lose, or being mean in the chat.

This new system is a good step to stop bad behavior in the game, but it’s not perfect. Some bad players might just make new accounts to avoid this punishment. However, most players will have to go through these less serious games sooner or later, so it might make them behave better.

But there’s a small problem. Some players like to play these casual game modes to have fun and avoid mean people from the competitive mode. Now, there might be more mean players in these casual games because of this new system.

The update, Patch 13.19, is coming out next week on Wednesday, September 27th.