VALORANT Patch 7.06 Release Notes


The third update of VALORANT Episode Seven, Act Two, is here. It’s not a big update, but it brings some important changes to the game this season. You can download Patch 7.06 on all servers after a short period of server maintenance on September 19th.

In simple terms, Patch 7.06 brings a competitive update to deal with cheating and experienced players creating new accounts to play against beginners. It also includes some changes to how the game looks and works, adds new voice lines for a character named Sage, and fixes some bugs.

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What Changes Are in VALORANT Patch 7.06?

From now on, Ascendant players won’t be allowed to play with players below Platinum, even if they are in a group of five players.

This change was supposed to happen in Patch 7.05 but got delayed. It’s meant to deal with a problem where people who sell accounts use bots to level up new accounts and then sell them to experienced players who want to play against beginners. It’s also meant to stop high-ranked players from teaming up with low-ranked players to get easier matches or help their lower-ranked friends.

We hope this change will make it harder for people to boost their ranks unfairly. Riot Games will keep an eye on people who use bots and punish them if they catch them doing it.

Sage Is Getting Fresh Voice Lines

Sage hasn’t had any exciting updates for a while, except for some not-so-great changes in Patch 5.12 that made her healing and Barrier Orb less effective. But things are about to get more interesting in Patch 7.06 because Sage is getting some new things to say. She will talk to different agents like Jett, Deadlock, Chamber, Astra, Brimstone, Gekko, and more.

One of her new lines even mentions the “Jett, Revive me” meme, which shows that Riot is keeping up with internet jokes.

Loading Times and Game Systems Have Been Improved

Riot has made things better when it comes to loading your in-game stuff, like gun buddies and weapon skins. This means you’ll have to wait less when the game starts. But this change won’t happen right away; it will come in the middle of the update, not on September 19th.

Also, they fixed some problems with the Combat Reports feature, which tells you what happened during the game. Sometimes it didn’t show all the right information, and that could be confusing. So if you see anything strange, like two headshots that did no damage, report it, especially at the start of the game or after you die.

Bug Repairs Included in VALORANT Patch 7.06

All three bug fixes in this update have to do with how the game works:

1. They solved a rare problem where you would be shown on the map when you shouldn’t be after buying a weapon.

2. They fixed a problem where the progress bars for planting and defusing the Spike didn’t show up for some people using the minimal game display.

3. They also solved a bug where the vision lines on the map would quickly blink at the beginning of a round on the Sunset map.