Top 5 most picked valorant agents from VCT 2023 season

Valorant: Top 5 most picked agents from VCT 2023 season

To gain insights into the current VALORANT meta, watching top players from around the world and observing the agents receiving the most screen time is highly recommended. The 2023 VALORANT Champions Tour season marks a new era, featuring partnered teams competing in three international leagues, leading up to the Masters Tokyo international tournament and the prestigious Champions 2023 world championship in Los Angeles. Notably, this season departs from the dominance of Chamber as the go-to agent in compositions.

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According to data from, the pick rates for agents remained relatively consistent across all three leagues. The following five agents were the most frequently chosen among VCT teams in 2023:


Throughout the season, Killjoy was picked a total of 544 times and emerged as the most popular agent in the Americas. Additionally, she ranked as the second most picked agent in the Pacific and EMEA regions. Killjoy’s versatility makes her a staple in pro play across various maps, excelling in information gathering, site anchoring, retaking, and lurking.


With a total of 529 picks, Jett secured the top spot as the most picked agent in the Pacific and claimed the second and third spots in the Americas and EMEA, respectively. Jett serves as an entry specialist, leveraging her mobility and aerial abilities to create space, secure kills without trading, and economically support her team with her knives. Raze is a distant second among duelists at the pro level.


Viper was chosen 382 times, placing her as the fourth most picked agent in the Americas and EMEA, and the sixth most picked agent in the Pacific. While Omen dominated the controller role in EMEA and Pacific, Viper reigned supreme in the Americas. Viper’s Toxic Screen and Snakebite lineups are crucial for executing sites and dealing with post-plant scenarios, while her Poison Cloud aids in anchoring sites and deterring lurkers. Despite regeneration nerfs, her Viper’s Pit ultimate remains a potent round-ending ability.


Skye received 377 picks, positioning her as the third most picked agent in the Americas and Pacific, and the seventh most picked agent in EMEA. Skye found popularity among initiator players in the Americas and Pacific, aligning with the fast and aggressive playstyle adopted by many top teams in those regions. Skye’s kit is finely tuned for information gathering and providing support to the team.


Omen amassed 375 picks, making him the most picked agent in EMEA, the fourth most picked agent in the Pacific, and the fifth most picked agent in the Americas. EMEA compositions prominently featured Omen as the primary controller, making him a staple in almost every lineup. Omen’s quick and precise smokes, ability to reach advantageous angles through Shrouded Step, and value as a lurker contribute to his popularity and effectiveness.

By keeping an eye on these agents and their prevalence in professional play, viewers can gain valuable insights into the evolving VALORANT meta.