Top 5 highest run-scorers in the Ashes


England and Australia are all set to battle it out in a grueling test series, The Ashes, starting on June 16, 2023, on English soil. Seeing the strong and confident batting lineups of both teams, we expect a lot of runs to be scored in the series. The batters of both teams are also in good form, and that will only add to the excitement of the series.

A lot of runs have also been scored in the previous Ashes series, and some or another record will surely get broken this time around like always. To add to the hype of the series, let us have a quick look at the top 5 highest run-scorers in Ashes history.

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List of Top 5 Batters With Most Runs in The Ashes 

S.No Player Country Runs Average
1   Don Bradman Australia  5028  89.78
Jack Hobbs  England  3636  54.26
Allan Border  Australia  3222  55.55
Steve Waugh  Australia  3173  58.75
Steve Smith  Australia  3044  59.68

Don Bradman (Australia)

Sir Don Bradman is the highest run-scorer in the history of the Ashes series, which is not surprising at all. Bradman, who played for Australia from 1928–1948, was the best batter during his time and is rated very highly today as well. Bradman has scored over 5000 runs in the Ashes, and it is very difficult for any player to break this record at the moment. With an average of 89.78 and 19 centuries, Bradman remains the best batter in the Ashes as well as the greatest of all time.

Jack Hobbs (England)

England batter Jack Hobbs is next on the list of the highest run-getters in the Ashes. He has scored 3636 runs at an excellent average of 54.26. Hobbs, who played for over 22 years for England (1908–1930), remains one of the best English batters to date. Hobbs scored 12 centuries in his Ashes career.

Allan Border (Australia)

Allan Border was one of Australia’s finest batters, whose career lasted for 15 long years (1978–1993), during which he was considered a great batter. He scored 3000+ runs in the Ashes with an average of 55.55. He scored seven big centuries in the Ashes and had a highest score of 200*. Border was such a great batter that he got another series named after him, the Border-Gavaskar Trophy between India and Australia.

Steve Waugh (Australia)

Steve Waugh belonged to Australian cricket’s golden period, where the team dominated each and every corner of the world, beating all the teams around (1986–2003). He was also a part of Australia’s World Cup-winning squad in 2003. Waugh scored 3173 runs in the Ashes with the help of 11 centuries at an average of 58.75.

Steve Smith (Australia)

In a list dominated by Australian batting greats, it would be a crime if we didn’t include Steve Smith in the list. Smith is the only active batter on this list; the others have retired, so if anyone has a chance of breaking a record on this list, it is Steve Smith. He has scored 3044 runs so far in the Ashes and is most likely to break one or the other record this time around.