No change in the England’s squad for the fourth Test of the Ashes


After winning the third test match of the Ashes, by 3 wickets, England is having faith in their present squad. They believe that with the current squat, they will be able to level the series by 2-2. Now they really need to ensure that they win this Test. That is because, if they lose, then critics are certainly going to raise the question about their present squad. However, there are several areas where they need to improve because in Cricket there is always a scope for improvement. 

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Strengths and weaknesses of the England team in the Ashes 

Having James Anderson in the bowling unit, certainly makes the bowling department very strong. However, there is no doubt, that Anderson cannot make you win the Ashes alone. That is where England needs to ensure that the team performs well in all areas. 


Below you can read about the strength of the English team. Their strength is going to ensure that they win this particular test match. 

  • Getting the early wickets of the openers is certainly an important reason behind the victory of the English team. In both innings of the 3rd match, Australian openers were not able to give a quick start. 
  • Mark Wood is certainly a huge pillar of the bowling unit. That is because he is in top form, and went on to take 7 wickets in the last match. 


England really needs to work on the batting. That is because most English batsmen have not been consistent in this series. 

  • Bazball didn’t work for England in the Ashes. It was supposed to act as their strength, but it worked completely the opposite. That is the reason in the 3rd Test match there was no Bazball show. 
  • The opening partnership is another concern for the English team. If openers can give a good start, then they’ll be able to put good pressure on the bowlers. 

Undoubtedly, both England and Australia are under pressure for the next Test. There is no doubt, that the next test match can act as a deciding test.