Australia’s Record in England in The Ashes


Ashes is certainly the most awaited test series for every cricket lover. The rivalry of English and Australian Cricket has been going on for ages, and it has given many memories to the fans. Both the teams have been very competitive, however, one has won more matches than the other without any doubt. In case nobody wins the series, then the previous owner is going to retain the trophy. Till date 72 Ashes series have happened, and Australia has won 34 out of these. England is just 2 behind Australia with 32 wins. The difference is so short, that each and every series win becomes very important. 

Performance of Australia in England in the Ashes

Till now 356 test matches have been played between Australia and England, and Australia has managed to win 150, and England 110. Now doubt, either it is the series win, or the total number of matches. Australia is ahead in both things. England need to ensure that they go on to win from here, so that they can project their reputation. 

Test matches played in England

  • Till now Australia has played 168 test matches in England. 
  • Australia went on to win 50 of those and England won 52, the rest 66 were drawn. This shows that the competition between both of these teams is almost equal. 

Test series played in England

  • Total number of series Australia has played in England is 36. 
  • Australia went on to win 14 out of 36. 
  • England won 18. 
  • 4 of them were drawn. 

So, by looking at the records, it is certainly clear that both the teams like to challenge each other, and they perform really well. Australia’s performance has been better at home, even in England they have done fine. No doubt Ashes 2023 is going to make a lot of records.