Top 5 highest paid Career Options in Esports that we must know in detail. Let’s have a look

Esports are still in their infancy, but the tremendous increase this well-liked sporting ecosystem has demonstrated suggests that it will soon outpace all the revenue produced by the best traditional sports.

In the following arrangement, we will discuss the Top 5 Esports Career Options that we must be aware of:

1. Game Artist/ Designer: One of the most well-known positions in the gaming industry is that of a game designer. This person is in charge of creating the intricate details of the game while also collaborating with teams in other fields, such as those in racing, animation, engineering, and audio engineering, to create the characters and plots that will serve as the foundation for the entire game.

Game artist on an average can earn approx Rs 5 Lakhs Per annum. 

2. Game Play Tester: Another position where you can pursue a career in Esports is as a game play tester, where the ideal candidate is required to carry out quality assurance of games, spot flaws, and provide enhancements to the programmers. and they put a priority on providing viewers with quality content before the product is ready to be sold.

A Game Play tester on an average can earn approx of Rs 3 Lakhs per annum. 

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3.  Audio Engineer: The audio engineer is in charge of adding sound effects and music to video games. They are also in charge of giving the soundtrack and effects of the in-game experience a realistic touch. 

An Audio engineer on an approx earn upto Rs 4 Lakh Per annum. 

4. Market Research Analyst: The market research analyst is entirely responsible for analysing the gaming market and offering feedback to the developers. They will utilise their research expertise to examine the core industry aspects and important trends that may be improved for the success and reach of gaming products.

Market Research Analyst on an average can earn upto Rs 6.6 Lakhs Per annum. 

5. Interpreters and Translators: Interpreters and translators have a lot of duty because they need to make sure that gaming software is accessible in a variety of languages to broaden its appeal.

The translators concentrate on translating the presentation and documentation for the game industry into other languages.

On an average Interpreters and Transalators can earn upto Rs 6.8 Lakhs Per annum. 

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