Exclusive discussion with Maxtern on the current ecosystem of Esports in detail

Recently, Team Esportzcraazy had the chance to speak with Maxtern (a well-known creator of esports content) about the current esports ecosystem in detail. During our conversation, we touched on a number of topics, including his early years, the BGMI ban, and the exploits of well-known players Jonathan and Ghatak & many more.

Let us reveal the exclusive conversation with him in the below format: 

Q1. Please describe how you became interested in gaming?

Maxtern: Up until 2011, when I started to develop a preference for bowling, I played a lot of cricket. However, I’ve been playing video games since I was in eighth grade, and I’ve played games like Super Mario, Snakes, and Space Campaign.

Later, I started playing player-cassette games. One of my friends had a PlayStation 2, and when I played a game on it for the first time, I understood what an amazing experience gaming can be.

Q2. Please describe the moment you decided to pursue a career as a content creator?

Maxtern: I was initially hesitant to make videos because of my lack of confidence, but ultimately I began creating voice-based videos and eventually I realized that making video on Face Cam is important. 

3. What advice would you provide to aspiring content creators?

Maxtern: The most important thing I would like to impart to you is to learn from others since, as you can see, I am still learning and I enjoy experimenting in my content without thinking about likes and views this video will generate. 

How IR Esports is nurturing next level gaming talent in the country?

Q5. Can you describe the differences between your present organisation, God Like Esports, and your previous organisation?

Maxtern: Whether it was Global Esports or Galaxy Esports, my previous employers were the ideal places for me to work. However, at Godlike, we work as professionals and simultaneously enjoy at the same time. 

Q6. Tell us about your story related to Jonathan?

Maxtern: Initially he used to be referred to as a hacker in our community, but later he proved his abilities and is one of my favourite players. He is also someone who is already one level ahead despite having minimal practise.

Maxtern with Sonu Sood

Q 7. Tell us about your story related to Ghatak?

Maxtern:  Ghatak usually plays aggressively and he selected the correct players where he choosed Jonathan in skull. Additionally, Ghatak is one of the nicest people in the community.


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Q.8. Has BGMi been outlawed now? What is your opinion about it?

Maxtern: You see, the game will return, whether it does so in the upcoming six months or a year.

Q.9.What professional paths are available in esports?

Maxtern: There are many areas of Esports that you may investigate; all you have to do is be willing to change and realistic about it. Once you adopt this approach, things will undoubtedly change.

Q10. Aside from playing, what other places in India would you wish to explore?

Maxtern: I enjoy travelling and Mumbai, a city surrounded by greenery, is one of my favorite destinations.

Q11. How do you stay inspired?

Maxtern: You must encourage yourself because no one else can do it for you. To do this, listen to motivational speakers and put what you learn into practise.

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