Top 5 batters with more than 200 sixes in Indian Premier League history!


Hitting sixes is the most intriguing aspect of T20 cricket. The main reason people visit the stadium is to see players and stunning sixes. Sixes have changed the course of numerous matches in addition to providing entertainment. Several cricketers such as Chris Gayle, Andre Russell, AB DE Villers, Kieron Pollard, Rohit Sharma, MS Dhoni, and others, provide entertainment by hitting sixes. Following are the top 5 batsmen with the most sixes.

1. Chris Gayle – 357 Sixes


Chris Gayle, a legendary West Indian player, has hit the most sixes (357) in 140 games. Gayle is a natural southpaw who enjoys sending every ball over the fence. Gayle’s powerful hitting has all but made every bowler afraid. He seizes first place in the category of hitting the most sixes.


2. AB DE Villers – 251 Sixes

Who doesn’t know this South African destructive batter? AB De Villers has hit the second-most sixes (251) in the history of the Indian Premier League. The daring South African batter is referred to as “MR 360” for his ability to knock the ball all over the field. Bowlers from all over the world avoid AB like the plague. He possesses the ability to knock any bowler out of the ground.


3. Rohit Sharma – 240 Sixes

Indian Hitman Rohit Sharma, the opener for the Indian and Mumbai Indians, has smashed the third-most sixes (240) in the IPL. One of the greatest openers to ever play white-ball cricket is Rohit. Rohit has so far amassed 5880 runs with a strike rate of 129.62 in 228 IPL games. In white-ball cricket, the right-handed batsman has played many match-winning innings.


4. MS Dhoni – 230 Sixes

MS Dhoni has grabbed the place of fourth-most sixes hitter (230) in Indian Premier League. MS is recognized as the finest finisher in the entire globe. Ian Bishop, a legend in the West Indies, once said, “If 15 runs are needed in an over, then the pressure is on the bowler, not on MS Dhoni.”


5. Kieron Pollard – 223 Sixes

Kieron Pollard was a powerful batter for the Mumbai Indians who smashed the fifth-most sixes (223) in the IPL. Kieron Pollard is renowned for his lightning-fast batting. Pollard also holds the record of hitting 6 sixes in an over in a game against Sri Lanka.