Top 10 Richest Tennis Players

Richest Tennis Players

David Ferrer

has been a well-known name in the tennis circuit. In his career-high, he got 3rd rank. He has got quite a few ATP Titles supporting to his name. He has won just a particular major final. When you talk about major matches, the Spaniard has appeared in 7 masters- finals, winning a sole title. He has lost a lot of matches in his career. He does have 26 more subtitles to his name in the events. He is not a skilled player on the tour, he has been a competitor to the core. Ferrer has won total prize money of 31,284,696 US dollars.

Stan Wawrinka

Richest Tennis Players

the Swiss have won 16 titles in his profession. He has won 3 of Wawrinka’s 16 titles came in Grand Slam tournaments while the Spaniard has none. He’s also performed in 4 finals at the Grand Slams, while Ferrer did only once. The man has also won a masters match at Monte Carlo where he defeated Federer in the final. He has a career-high ranking of No. 3 with his greatest year-end ranking being 8th. One of the most-strong tennis players, Stan prize money earnings is US$31,594,107 and Wawrinka’s net worth is $19.2 million.

Maria Sharapova

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to the first female player on our list. Changing pro in 2004 she is one of the most accomplished players on the tour. She is the 3rd highest grand slam winner in the women’s circle, winning a total of 5 titles in her career. She has won such match 14 times, 8 of which came after it was rebuilt from Tier-1 to the way it is now. Sharapova has also obtained the WTA Tour Championship once. Including the other WTA match, she has won 36 trophies. Maria Sharapova has earned US$38,342,119 in reward money and Sharapova’s net worth is $196 million.

Venus Williams

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has got 7 grand slam titles, with 5 of them in Wimbledon in her career. She is just 1 slight of a half-century of the title. The Western has won 9 titles in the WTA Premier Mandatory & 5 tournaments. She had also gripped the WTA Tour Championship and the Singles Olympic gold. In doubles, she has 21 titles, 14 of which happened in Grand Slams. She also has 2 WTA Premier Mandatory & 5 titles to go with 3 Olympic doubles gold rewards. With her elegant style of play, Venus Williams has won a total award money US$40,931,048 and Venus’s net worth is $95 million.

Pete Sampras

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has been an idol. He is cherished by fans for his extraordinary serving. Sampras is placed at 3 in the all-time man Grand Slam winners list with 14 degrees. He won the ATP World Tour Finals 5 times. He has won 11 Masters titles and 2 other major titles. When leaving the American Starwalt had a total of 64 championships to show for his struggles. For a career spanning 15 years and played only 266 official matches. His earning total prize money of US$40,931,048 and Sampras net worth is $160 million.

Andy Murray

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the best British tennis player. He has won 3 grand slams with 2 Wimbledon degrees and 1 success at the US Open. He is having 2 Olympic singles gold medals. Murray has had a fair player in the master’s circuit as well, winning 14 titles. He has also succeeded in winning the ATP World Tour Finals twice. His score of titles stands at 45. He is becoming the first British player to win Wimbledon in 77 years when he won the competition in 2013. The Brit’s double-handed backhand is one of the greatest of all-time. Murray has earned prize money of US$ 61,024,985 and Murray’s net worth is US$100 million.

Serena Williams

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the greatest female tennis player even the best among men and women. The younger Williams sister has been an inspirational player. She is the most prosperous Grand Slam player in tennis, with a remarkable 23 titles. She also holds the account for most WTA Premier Mandatory & 5 championships with the equal number of titles. Apart from that Serena has succeeded the WTA Tour Championship five times. In the Olympics, she has won the singles gold once and the doubles gold thrice. In total, she has got 72 titles to her name. Serena has won US$88,233,301 as prize money earnings so far and William’s has an approximated net worth of $170 million.

Rafael Nadal

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is the greatest clay earth player the world has ever seen. He is the only left-handed player. He is fondly called by fans as the GOAT (Greatest of all-time). He is the 2 greatest Grand Slam winner with 17 titles. Of the 17, he has obtained 11 in the French Open. In the ATP Masters circuit, he has got 33 titles which are the maximum by any player. The Spaniard has accomplished a grand total of 80 titles and is best known for his constant defense. He puts his body on the line each time he moves for the ball. When it comes to shifting defense into attack there’s no one better than him. Nadal has prize money earnings of US$103,251,975 and Nadal’s net worth is US$160 million.

Roger Federer

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is a symbol of longevity, playing tennis for 20 years. The way he has conducted workload since getting injured in 2016 has been perfect. The Swiss Maestro has the most-grand slam titles in Gentlemen’s tennis winning a total of 20. He has recorded the appearances in the finals of Wimbledon and reaching it 11 times. In the masters-series, Federer has won 27 titles. He has won the ATP World Tour 6 times, the most by any man. The former World No. 1 is just 2 short of reaching a century. The most elegant player, Federer has won US$117,773,812 in prize money and net worth is $320 million.

Novak Djokovic

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became the no. 1 in the prize money rankings. He was the player who ended the dominance of Grand Slams by the others. He has racked up-to 14 Grand Slam titles. The Serb has won the ATP World Tour finals 5 times. He has won 31 titles in the master’s circuit and 71 titles. The number of finals that he has arrived is taking him to the top. Djokovic has an insane court covering capability. The great stamina he has got has helped him win many matches. An incredible athlete, Djokovic has earned total prize money of US$119,110,890 and Djokovic’s net worth is $175 million.

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