Top 10 Most Underrated Footballers in the World Right Now

Top 10 most underrated footballers in the world right now

Most Underrated Footballers:-  Football is the most playing sport in the world. According to a report around 265 Million people in the world play football, in the end, we can say that football is the biggest sport in the world. In this biggest sport, many players came and went away.

Most Underrated Footballers

Some players earned respect, money, and fame in a short time but there are some players who never caught up into the limelight. They worked very hard for their country or club, but they didn’t achieve that, which they deserved, so now we are gonna talk about those underrated footballers who are currently playing for their country or club.

#10 Fernandinho

Fernandinho, Most Underrated Footballers

Fernandinho is a professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for premier league club Manchester City and the national team of Brazil.

He has been working as a wall in the defense while also providing the attack with crisp and quick passes apart from this he has captained both Manchester City and Brazil, but still, he is underrated.

#9 Nacho Fernandez


Nacho Fernandez plays for Real Madrid mainly as a central defender sometimes he plays as a right or left back too. Real Madrid has four defenders and Nacho is one of the best from them. Nacho can play anywhere in the backline and is almost always fit to play which is why he is the defender with the most minutes played for Madrid this season.

There are some only moments where he disappoints us. Being such a versatile player, Nacho still counts in the list of underrated players.

#8 Roberto Firmino


Roberto Firmino plays for Brazil national team and premier league club Liverpool as an attacking midfielder, forward or winger.

He plays a very important role in both Liverpool and Brazil. Whenever you watch his game, he will never disappoint you, but still, whenever the topic of best strikers in the world come, his name is rarely ever mentioned.

#7 Cesar Azpilicueta


Cesar Azpilicueta plays for premier league club Chelsea and the national team of Spain mainly as a full back but also as a central defender. Like Nacho Fernandez, this is a man who can play anywhere in defense. Cesar Azpilicueta is one of Chelsea’s and premier league club’s most intelligent and best defenders, but he never gets the credit which he deserves.

#6 Son Heung-Min


Son Heung-Min plays for premier league club Tottenham Hotspur and the national team of South Korea as a winger or a forward. He is the most underrated forward in the premier league. Son Heung-Min is an extraordinarily talented player.

His ball control is enchanting but all he lacks is proper finishing like Mohamed Salah and Harry Kane. We are hoping that soon he will overcome this weakness and will cement his name in gold words.

#5 Toby Alderweireld


Toby Alderweireld plays for premier club Tottenham Hotspur and the national team of Belgium mainly as a central defender, he can also play as a right back. The best defender for Belgium but this is the shocking fact that in the list of best defenders in the world, no one considers his name.

#4 Christian Eriksen


Christian Eriksen plays for a premier club of Tottenham Hotspur and the national team of Denmark as an attacking midfielder. In football, midfielders are usually recognized for their brilliance, but Eriksen’s approach is slightly different from the traditional technique, despite this no one take his name as they take the name of Mesut Ozil and David Silva. Basically, Christian Eriksen and underrated are synonyms of each other.

#3 Dries Mertens


Most Underrated Footballers:-  Dries Mertens plays for Italian club Napoli and the national team of Belgium as a striker or winger. He is known as a lethal striker in the world. In 2016, he is awarded from Belgian footballer of the year. Season by season he is proving his worthiness.

For a striker, being in the limelight is very easy because scoring goals always bring attention towards a player but Dries Mertens is from one of those unlucky players who failed to grab attention. No one puts his name in the list of the best striker in the world.

#2 Mateo Kovacic

Most Underrated Footballers:-  Mateo Kovacic plays for English club Chelsea, on loan from Real Madrid and the national team of Croatia as a midfielder. Sometimes he played as a central midfielder or deep-lying playmaker, but he is a versatile midfielder. Sometimes he played as a central midfielder or deep-lying playmaker, but he is a versatile midfielder.

Apart from this, he has played in different positions and adapted to playing either wide on the left or as an attacking midfielder. Mateo Kovacic is superb at dribbling and can see passes that others can’t even complete, but still, he is failed to showcase his ability on the regular bases and this is the biggest reason that he is an underrated footballer in present time. Unfortunately, we have to say that with a great skill set, this is the pity that he isn’t one of the best midfielders in the world currently.

#1 Saul Niguez

Saul-Niguez , Most Underrated Footballers

Most Underrated Footballers:- Saul Niguez plays for Atletico Madrid and the national team of Spain as a central or defensive midfielder. He never disappoints his country as well as his club. Despite his great technical ability, Saul Niguez is willing to put in the yards and carries out his fair share of defensive duty. Despite his great showcase talent, Saul only boasts of 12 caps for Spain. He proved his great technical ability with two goals in Spain’s UEFA nations league matches. At present, he is one of the most complete Spanish midfielders, but despite that, this is the most bitter truth that he is the most underrated footballer in the present time.

Although these players still didn’t get what they deserve, however still they are playing, and we can hope that with the time they will achieve what they deserve Because the way football is reaching towards the people, one thing is clear that viewership of football going to rock in future and if these underrated players will keep then they will surely come into limelight I’m future.

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