Top 10 Best Siblings in Tennis History

best tennis siblings

best tennis siblings

Best Siblings in Tennis : It is not often that we see two siblings pursuing the same profession, yet gaining equal success in that. However, in the game of tennis we can a multiple combination of siblings who play against each other or in a doubles with each other. In this article, we are presenting you the top 10 tennis siblings who are the best in their games.

Patrick and John McEnroe

john mcenroe and patrick

This pair had all the potential of playing good tennis, yet they failed to achieve the height they deserve. John McEnroe with his single 7 Grand Slam titles, 9 doubles titles and a single mixed doubles title is undoubtedly one of the best player of this game. However, Patrick McEnroe has a single Grand Slam title under his hat, which he won in the French Open doubles in the year 1989 with Jim Grabb. Playing as a pair, they have succeeded when in the year 1984 they gained the Richmond WTC title along with Paris Indoor in the year 1992 which is the last time they were paired together in their career.

Jamie and Andy Murray

jamie and andy murray

Andy Murray is undoubtedly one of the best players on ATP where Jamie’s performance in the doubles game is definitely worth a mention but we have barely seen them teaming up. Playing together, they have won Valencia Open in the year 2010 which was their first time and in 2011 they won in Japan Open which was their last time. Their powerful performances can be concluded from the fact that, first time in 79 years, they won the Davis Cup in 2015 for Great Britain.

Javier, Emilio and Arantxa Sanchez

javier, emilio and Arantxa Sanchez

Being a Grand Slam winner for 4 times, Arantxa has the best record in the family, but none of the siblings were paired up to win any Grand Slam title. Arantxa and Emilio has a joint runner up trophy for the US open final in the year 1991. The performance of Javier and Emilio was quite good in a doubles game with Javier winning 50 titles and Emilio winning 27 titles, but as a pair they have anly triple ATP titles under their hat.

Murphy and Luke Jensen

luke and murphy jensen

This sibling pair was paired up which lead them to win the men’s double titles of French Open in the year 1993 and 3 ATP trophies between the year 1995 to 1997. Although none of them won any singles title, but Murphy was less successful compared to Luke as Luke had 6 mixed doubles trophies under his hat.

Kateryna and Alona Bondarenko

kateryna and and Alona Bondarenko

They have won the women’s double title for the Australian Open in the year 2008 along with Open Gaz de France in the same year and in 2009 they won the Prague Open. They have an older sister Valeria who does not have any doubles or singles title in the WTA.

John and Tracy Austin

John and Tracy Austin

Tracy Austin was the youngest ever champion as she won the US Open at the age of 16 years in 1979. She also won matches pairing up with her brother John at Wimbledon and again the US Open championship [of 1981. They were the first mixed double sibling pair, who won a Grand Slam in 1980 at SW19. They have another brother called Jeff, who had won singles and men’s double titles, but not pairing up with John.

Wayne, Cara and Byron Black

Cara and Wayne

Cara and Wayne were successful as a pair when they won double mixed doubles trophy at the French Open in 2002 and 2004 Wimbledon Open. They were also the runners up of French Open in the year 2004. The pair of Wayne and Byron was not much successful but they won 3 men’s doubles Grand Slam titles and another one in 2001 at Chennai Open men’s double game.

Cyril Suk and Helena Sukova

helena and cyril suk

Helena Sukova won in women’s double about 9 tiles and 5 titles in mixed double, in which she was paired with her brother Cyril to win 3 of the titles. However, she had no success in winning any single Grand Slam title, though she played 4 finals. As a pair, they won the 1st Grand Slam at French Open in the year 1991 beating Paul Harrhuis and Caroline Vis which was followed by the 2nd and 3rd titles in the year 1996 and 1997 respectively. Suk has also won a mixed doubles in 1992 Wimbledon and a men’s double as well.

Serena and Venus Williams

serena and Venus Williams

This sibling’s pair’s records are great to look at. If we try to list them down, they are as follows,

  • They played 14 Grand Slam titles and won all of them.
  • They played 3 Olympic finals and won all of them.
  • They played 2 WTA Tier 1 finals and won both of them.
  • They play in one Fed Cup final and won that as well.
  • All in all they have appeared in 22 women’s doubles final and have won 21 of them.
  • Both of them won about 30 Grand Slam singles titles together.

Looking at all the records we can see that they were more successful when they played in doubles game rather than in singles which make them the second best sibling pair in the world of tennis.

Mike and Bob Bryan

mike bryan and bob bryan

This is the best sibling pair in the tennis world. We have concluded the same by looking on their records. They have won about 114 doubles games along with 16 titles in the Grand Slam. Together, they have won about 1000 games and maintained the top position in the ranking charts for about more than 400 weeks. They played their first game in 1995 but won the first major French Open title in the year 2003 and since then there was no looking back.

They dominated the ranking chart till 2014 by winning at least one Grand Slam title, along with other titles like French Open, Wimbledon Open etc and won a gold Olympic medal in 2012 and a Davis Cup title as well.

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