TNPL 2023: Top 3 Batters Who May Score Big in LKK vs CSG


In today’s match between LKK vs CSG, there is a lot to be anticipated. That is because both the teams are in top form. This is certainly one of the most important games of the tournament. That is because both of them have won one match each. Lyca Kovai Kings and Chepauk Super Gillies, want to make sure that they continue their winning streak. 

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Top 3 batters from both teams in LKK vs CSG

From both teams, there are some batsmen who can easily change the course of the game. That’s the reason, fans are really excited to see their performance. 

Lyca Kovai Kings

  • Sai SudharshanThe knock that Sai played in the first match was the main reason LKK was able to win. That is because no other batsman was able to do well. In 2 matches of TNPL 2023, Sai has amassed 176 runs with an impressive average of 88.00 and a strikerate of 181.44.
  • Sachin – Sachin might not have scored well in the first two innings, but there is no doubt about his potential. If he provides a good start to the team, then the team will be able to win the match easily. 
  • U Mukilesh – Mukilesh was able to provide stability in the middle order. In case the opening partnership doesn’t work, then this player can save the match. So far in TNPL 2023, he has scored 48 runs in two matches.

Chepauk Super Gillies

  • Pradosh Ranjan Paul – His 88 runs inning in the first match was the main reason that the team was easily able to win. He has played 2 matches so far in TNPL 2023 and has scored 113 runs at an average of 56.50.
  • Narayan JagadeesanNarayan is as important as Pradosh in the game. That is because their opening partnership in the previous game was an asset for the team. He has scored 48 runs in two games of TNPL 2023.
  • Sanjay Yadav – Sanjay is the key middle-order batsman. He is going to be the main performer for sure. So far, Sanjay has scored 53 runs in two matches of TNPL 2023.

So, now you know the main 3 batters from the teams. These players are certainly going to make the match much more exciting.