Five Potential Players From TNPL 2023 to be Selected in IPL 2024


The Indian Premier League plays a significant role in nurturing talent nationwide. It has proven to be a platform that brings out potential young cricketers nationally. The IPL provides a great opportunity for talented players from various domestic leagues, such as the TNPL.

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The TNPL 2023 season has witnessed exceptional performances from players like G Ajitesh, Sai Sudharsan, Shivam Singh Shahrukh Khan, and Gurjapneet Singh, who have demonstrated their form to score under pressure and deliver outstanding results.

The IPL management closely follows domestic tournaments like the TNPL to identify newborn talents with unique forms and potential. Players who consistently perform well in games like the TNPL, Ranjhi Trophy, or other nation-level tournaments often catch the attention of IPL franchises, which can lead to contracts and exposure to a global audience. We produce the five potential players from TNPL 2023 who are expected to get selected in the IPL season 2024.

Guruswamy Ajitesh (Batter)

G Ajitesh has emerged as a dominant player in the TNPL 2023 season, showcasing exceptional batting form and consistency. With an impressive total of 385 runs in 10 matches and an average of 64.17. His strike rate of 163.14 reflects his aggressive approach, while his tally of 34 fours and 21 sixes demonstrates his ability to find the boundaries effortlessly. Ajitesh’s stellar performance and being the top scorer this season positions him as a strong contender for selection in the IPL 2024 season.

Sai Sudharsan (Batter)

Sai Sudharsan has left an indelible mark on the TNPL 2023 season, along with Guruswamy Ajitesh, with his remarkable batting performances. Accumulating 371 runs in just six matches, Sudharsan has displayed his ability to be retained by Gujarat Titans or attract a higher amount in IPL 2024.

With an impressive strike rate of 172.56, he has proven to be a dynamic and impactful player. Sudharsan’s performances make a compelling matter for his upcoming IPL 2024 season selection.

Shivam Singh (batter)

Shivam Singh has displayed his spirit in the TNPL 2023 season, making a strong chance for his inclusion in the IPL 2024 season. With 356 runs in 9 matches, he becomes the third player to score the most in this TNPL 2023 season. 

Shahrukh Khan (Bowler)

With this impressive display, Shahrukh’s total wickets in the TNPL 2023 season reached 17, making him the highest wicket-taker in the tournament. The captain of Lyca Kovai Kings, Shahrukh Khan, took three wickets in the final match against the Nellai Royal Kings.

Shahrukh displayed an exceptional performance, taking three wickets while conceding only 16 runs in his four overs. His outstanding bowling played a significant role in securing the title for his team, and he has the potential to be retained by PBKS or attract a higher amount in IPL 2024.

Gurjapneet Singh (Bowler)

Gurjapneet Singh from Siechem Madurai Panthers holds second in the list of top wicket-takers in TNPL. The fast bowler took 15 wickets in eight games with an average of 14.06. His impressive speed and ability to swing the ball may catch IPL franchise owners’ attention.

The IPL serves as a pathway for talented players to make a mark in the cricketing world and further hone their performance alongside and against some of the best cricketers in the world.

The competitive nature of the IPL pushes players to excel and challenges them to perform consistently at a high level. The exposure and experience gained from playing in the IPL can significantly contribute to young cricketers’ growth and development in the country.