Three Leicester City players diagnosed with the virus


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After showing symptoms of coronavirus, three Leicester City first-team players have self-isolated and “have been kept away from the rest of the squad”, Brendan Rodgers, the manager has said.

Rodgers added that the club had “followed procedures”, but did not specify which players had been quarantined.

On Saturday at 12:30 GMT, The Foxes are due to play Watford at Vicarage Road in the Premier League.

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Rodgers said,

“We had a few players that have shown symptoms and signs,”

“It would be a shame [if the Watford game were postponed], but the public’s health is the most important in all of this.”

When asked if the game could be played behind closed doors, Rodgers said:

“The game is all about the players and the fans and if you have one of those not there, it’s obviously not the same.”

Leicester City later released a statement saying:

“In recent days, all three players presented with extremely mild illness and were advised by club medical staff, consistent with current government guidance.

Further, the club statement read that the NHS 111 has advised that these three players have the consistent symptoms of the pandemic along with the seasonal illness. However, the seven-day isolation has been recommended as the precautionary measure. The statement went onto say that further testing is not necessary and is not recommended by the doctors and medical staffs.

“All three players were subsequently advised by NHS 111 that their symptoms were consistent with common seasonal illness and that a seven-day period of self-isolation was appropriate as a precaution. There was no recommendation that further testing would be necessary. The club is in regular contact with the relevant players, whose symptoms remain mild and self-manageable.”

The UK government is stepping up to its response to the pandemic is expected to announce on Thursday regarding the same.

When the government’s emergency committee meets, rather than containing it, it is anticipated the UK will switch to tactics aimed at delaying its spread.

There is a delay is the phase in which “social distancing” measures might be considered, including restrictions such as public gatherings above a certain number of people, anyway this is not thought likely at this stage.

The steps of self-isolation and self imposition have come into foray after the World Health Organisation has declared the outbreak of coronavirus as a pandemic. In the United Kingdom, there are around 484 confirmed cases and eight have died during the due process. Also, as a precautionary and safety measure, the clash between Manchester City and Arsenal was postponed which was to be held on Wednesday. Also, the top tier leagues in Italy and Spain have postponed the games.

After meeting Olympiakos owner Evangelos Marinakis, five Gunners players were in self-isolation.