Five best Esports games of 2022 that we must know in detail

Esports is a booming industry and many amateur players are coming up the ranks to make a mark in this growing ecosystem. In India, industry is expected to touch $11 billion dollar in 2025. However, Esports becoming a big entity in sports consist of different games some have become extremely popular while the other is under the radar.

The best Esports games are the once which focus on multiplayer format, simple user interface to watch and operate along with making sure that entire gaming experience for the users should be intimidating. Let’s talk about Best E Sports Games of 2022 in detail.


  1. Apex Legends: The game is developed by Respawn  took a giant stride in its popularity due to smash hit which is based in Titanfall universe and the colourful characters in the sport looks appealing for players with unique abilities. The positive momentum of this sport is carry forwarded by different ongoing tournaments with humungous prize pools.


  1. Counter Strike: Global Offensive: Counter Strike Global Offensive sport debut in 2012 in Esport ecosystem where multi players first person shooters are involved and credit to the advancement in this sport goes to original Counter Strike. Counter Strike GO is showing its popularity now and what set aside as unique Esports for players as it widens opportunity for players to earn upto $1 million prize through their contest.


  1. DOTA 2: When we talk about Most popular online game DOTA names comes in our mind and it lets you select 100 playable heroes on the battlefield and what makes it different is its character unique abilities, playing style, weakness of opponents and attributes which plays an important role in achieving victory against opposition counterparts.


  1. Fortnite: Fortnite is another popular Esports game of 2022 and it currently host more than 12.3 million concurrent players in one particular session which is a unique feat where players do enjoys huge prize money pool ranging from $3 million to $30 million. The game is extremely popular on Twitch platform where several Esports content creators love streaming Fortnite games.


  1. League of Legends: League of legends is a multiplayer online battle arena event which involves different element like role playing, tower defense, real time strategy and the tournament based on League of Legends does enjoy a whopping prize pool of $2 million which generates an excitement among amateur players. The user interface is appealing and engaging at the same time and does surprise you with unique transition it offers to e sports players. 

Esports industry is pretty disorganized in India at the moment despite having a federation there is lot of unawareness among players as they don’t know the clear pathway which they need to follow to make it big in this industry. Countries like Japan, South Korea and UK are already leading this ecosystem of Esports at the moment with new schools and centres opening in these countries to groom amateur players to provide them a platform so that they can learn, adapt to the technology and grow at the same time in this fastest growing sporting ecosystem.