WTC Final 2023: The mental and physical preparation of players

wtc final 2023

The World Test Championship Final 2023 is just a week away from us and India and Australia have now reached England and started their preparations for the big match. Most of the Indian team players are reaching there after playing the IPL whereas a lot of Aussies are coming to England after spending some quality time at home.

Well, it’s just a one-off test for the Indian team whereas the Kangaroos are going there for a big tour as they will be playing the Ashes right after the WTC Final. Preparing for a big match like this is not easy at all for the players because they have to prepare physically and mentally as well.

Physical preparation is a lot of hard work in the gym, maintaining fitness, practicing in the nets, adapting to the English conditions, getting the technique right, bowling consistent lines and lengths, adapting yourself to playing more overs without getting tired, and much more.

Mental preparation on the other hand means getting accustomed to a new atmosphere, being in the right mind space while playing, keeping your body warm, preparing your mind for the format change, dealing with the pressure of the final, etc.

The Indian players will have to change their mindset and prepare themselves to play test cricket as they are coming from the IPL right now whereas the Australians who are coming from their homes down under will have to get their bodies warm as soon as possible and get to playing cricket.

The physical preparation will also include preparing to keep the other team in mind and play according to their bowlers and batters. Australians will be preparing more on how to tackle the Indian spinners whereas the Indians will be working on how to tackle the swing, seam, and pace of Australian pacers.