“The Australian Team at the Time of the 7/7 Bombings Were in England”, Michael Holding Reveals his Immense Love for Pakistan Cricket

Michael Holding

Pakistan is always questioned for security concerns by the cricket fraternity after the terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan bus way back in 2009. Since that incident, all the countries have been reluctant to travel to Pakistan.

However, despite all odds and star players refusing to travel to Pakistan, the Sri Lanka tour is seen as a torchbearer tour in resurrecting international cricket in the country.

During the tough time when even locals are making fun of Pakistan security, West Indies bowling legend Michael Holding bats for Pakistan cricket urging the Pakistan government and cricket board to take other government and cricket boards in confidence.

He stated “I would love to see other teams return to Pakistan,”

“You know people are going to be afraid to come to Pakistan, they’ve heard so many stories. It is up to the PCB and the government to try and convince teams and other boards that it is safe coming to the country.

“You’ll have to prove that everything is fine and when they (other teams) do come like the Sri Lanka team, it would show everyone that everything is fine and that they’re well taken care of and I am sure other teams will come.

“There have been a stigma attached to certain countries, there is no two way about it. When Australia was in England, there was bombings in London, the Australians didn’t go back, so you know there are stigmas attached to certain countries. It is important that you find ways to get over those stigmas,” Holding further added.

He looked overwhelmed by the Pakistan hospitality and said: “I have walked on the streets, gone into restaurants, sat down with people and did not feel uncomfortable.”

Holding statement was instantly picked by Saj Sadiq, the renowned cricket writer, columnist and Editor at Pakpassion. He tweeted the holding’s statement, in an attempt to reach out to a larger audience.


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