The answer between Tennis vs Badminton difficultly level will make you speechless

Tennis vs Badminton

One of the most popular racquet sports in the world is tennis and badminton.

Due to the fact that these two diverse sports have created star athletes at various times, each has widespread global viewership.

There are many similarities between these two sports, but it is unclear which is more difficult to execute.

Let me start by shocking you: badminton is difficult to play and even more difficult to perform physically when it comes to speed, agility, and tenacity.

When comparing tennis with badminton, badminton offers a wider variety of strokes and requires professional players to cover more ground due to the smaller court size.

When it comes to Tennis versus Badminton Court surface in response to Footwork, Badminton due to small court required 1.5x times more work in switching gears on court in comparison to Tennis.

In tennis, there are times when you have enough time to change your shots and compete against your opponents passionately.

Due to the smaller court, badminton requires the very least amount of time for reflexes, movement across the court, and frequency decisions for shots that must be played again.

In terms of badminton, India is doing quite well, but in order for us to dominate tennis, we need more domestic ATP tournaments where players can face off and raise their respective rankings.